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Engendering the country through education


“GEG Presents: Popular Science Activities in Schools on Chinese Drones” inspires youth innovation

Supported by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been title-sponsoring the “Popular Science Activities in Schools on Chinese Drones” since 2019, and has arranged visits to 9 schools to promote drone technology.

In 2020, the Popular Science Activities in Schools on Chinese Drones were held in 4 different local schools in Macau. During the activity, a variety of China’s new drones were presented to students. In addition, precise technology and the application of drones under different settings such as for medical treatment, logistics, and disaster relief were also introduced. Besides, students were invited to control the drones under the guidance of technical staff.

Going forward, GEG will continue to help young people explore their potential and invest in Macau’s talent development.

GEG holds U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program Award & Appreciation Ceremony

GEG launched the U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program (“U-LEAD”) between August and November, which offered a three-month internship to fresh graduates referred by the Labour Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government (“DSAL”). These interns were provided with career-enriching self-development programs, as well as a mentorship scheme for on-the-job training. These experiences helped boost their confidence in planning their future careers with GEG.

Recently, GEG hosted an award and appreciation ceremony to acknowledge the interns’ hard work during the internship. During the ceremony, attending guests included Wong Chi-hong, Director of DSAL, who praised the outstanding interns and encouraged them to continue to shine in their new careers at GEG. Two representatives shared what they learnt on stage; meanwhile, two mentors also encouraged the interns to continue to strive for professional excellence, and to create a bright future for themselves.

GEG title-sponsored “Parent-Child Day Out in Adventures 2020”

GEG title-sponsored Bosco Youth Service Network (“BYS”) in organising the “Parent-Child Day Out in Adventures 2020” event at the Healthy Life Education Centre of the Social Welfare Bureau of Macau. Through an innovative “learning together” parent-child teaching approach, the event successfully delivered key messages on responsible gaming and building positive attitude towards life to the community and attracted the participation of more than 120 parents and their children.

The event, which included various parent-child adventure experiences, board games, interactive games booth and parenting seminars, delivered key responsible gaming messages and promoted parent-child learning by encouraging parents to work together with their children on overcoming their challenges through different indoor rock-climbing, swing ladder, crisscross and handcart games for kids. By creating a fun environment, the event aimed at deepening the participants’ understanding of responsible gaming in a simple and clear way, encourage problem solving among children, cultivate healthy parent-child relationships, prevent gambling disorder, and reduce the negative impacts that gambling disorder may have on society.

GEG Holds U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program Opening Ceremony

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) recently held an opening ceremony for its newly launched U-LEAD Graduate Internship Programme. The event welcomed the first batch of interns to start their three-month internship at GEG’s properties. To help them gain work experiences and develop professional skills within a short period of time, GEG began the planning of the U-LEAD programme curriculum since May. In addition to daily work experiences, the programme integrates theory and practice. Each intern will attend up to 200 hours of corporate, departmental and on-the-job training. Furthermore, an apprenticeship scheme has been launched, where 80 experienced team members or department heads are invited to serve as mentors and coach and guide the interns.