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Engendering the country through education


Supporting Talent Cultivation, 13th GEG Youth Achievement Program Kicks Off

Since 2011, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has jointly organised the GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”) with the Macau Management Association. The 12th YAP Award Presentation and 13th YAP Launch Ceremony took place at the Galaxy International Convention Centre, along with the signing of another three-year cooperation agreement to renew GEG’s commitment to continue jointly promoting the cultivation and development of local young talents. The YAP has provided a wide range of activities and training opportunities to nearly 3,500 participants.

In the coming year, focus will be added on community care, and to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 25th anniversary of Macau’s return to the motherland, a special theme of “Telling Good Stories of Macau” will be included in this year’s YAP curriculum, in hopes of encouraging participants to explore the different corners of Macau. By incorporating national education elements into a series of activities, we encourage participants to develop a stronger sense of belonging and affection for the country, as part of our efforts in promoting the cultivation of local youth and talents, and assisting in the nurturing of future leaders.

GEG Organises Study Tours for Students from the “Youth Science and Technology Village” Programme to Cultivate Talents

Over the years, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been promoting popular science education to youth through multi-pronged approaches. As the co-organiser of the “Youth Science and Technology Village” programme, recently, GEG organised three study tours on three consecutive days for students to see the various leisure and MICE facilities at Galaxy Macau and the Galaxy International Convention Centre. The routes and contents were designed to cater to the academic needs and interests of the students, and included engaging interactive technology experiences. To give students a more comprehensive understanding of how technology and innovation are applied in the integrated resort industry, as well as to help Macau cultivate sci-tech talents for its ongoing development, representatives from various GEG departments also joined and explained to students the technical aspects of its operations.

GEG Organises Responsible Gaming Roadshow Ahead of the Chinese New Year

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) partnered with the Youth Volunteer Association of Macao on hosting a “Responsible Gaming Roadshow: Festive Fun for the Year of the Dragon” at the back-of-house area. Through interactive games, GEG hopes to promote responsible gaming information and knowledge of the “Regulating the Conditions of Entering, Working and Gaming at Casinos” to team members. In addition, the activity also aimed to enhance their understanding of responsible gaming behaviors, such as setting budgets and time limits, and seeking help proactively. Leaflets with consultation services and responsible gaming-related information were also provided, with more than 1,600 team members took part in the roadshow. By organising this activity, GEG hopes to remind team members to play rationally during the Chinese New Year and to deepen their understanding of responsible gaming.

Sweet Dumplings x Parent-Child Financial Management Workshop on Lantern Festival

In time of Chinese New Year, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home jointly organised a glutinous rice dumpling making and financial management workshop during the Lantern Festival, our team members and their children were invited to participate. Through a simulated shopping experience, children learnt how to distinguish between “necessity” and “wanted” things, thereby built their understanding about how to make good use of the red packets and the pocket money received, so as to establish correct money values. Participants enjoyed glutinous rice dumplings and spent precious time with families during the workshop.