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Spreading Love and Care to the Needy


KWIH Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou staff care children in need

KWIH has been devoted to supporting charity causes and giving back to society. Riding on the “1 June Children’s Day”, staff volunteers from KWIH Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou participated in a “Care for Children” campaign.

On 5 June, volunteers from KWIH Shanghai visited CereCare Wellness Centre for Children (“CereCare”) in Xuhui District to offer donation and necessities. Established in 2003, CereCare is a registered non-profit organisation which provides rehabilitation education and creates a warm environment for children with cerebral palsy. Marking the sixth consecutive year of visit, volunteers were happy to see that both physical and mental conditions of the children have been improving gradually under continuous care.

On 30 May, volunteers from KWIH Nanjing visited Amity Bakery, a social enterprise set up by The Amity Foundation to provide occupational training for the disabled. The volunteers showed their support through making and selling charity cookies.

On 15 May, volunteers from KWIH Suzhou paid a visit to a special education school at Hushuguan Town, Gaoxin District. The school is specialised in enhancing social adaptability of children with intellectual disabilities. Together with the teachers and caretakers, volunteers and children had a fun day creating artistic masks and playing interactive games together. 

KWIH shows care to underprivileged single-mother families

Guangzhou Huicheng office of KWIH donated RMB100,000 to Guangzhou Huadu Charity Association to set up a three-year fund, with an aim to provide financial assistance and organise visits to needy single mothers in Huadu district. As a celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, staff from Huicheng office visited 20 underprivileged single-mother families earlier, offered them sticky rice dumplings and other necessities to show support and care.

GEG’s pre-Chinese New Year luncheon for the elderly

As Chinese New Year approached, GEG held its pre-Chinese New Year celebration for the elderly at Broadway Macau™. Nearly 100 senior citizens from the Federation of Trade Unions were invited to enjoy “poon choi” lunch. Longevity peach buns were presented to the elders as a symbol of long life and good health. GEG volunteer team members also supported the event and enjoyed a fun afternoon with the elders.

KWIH Shanghai held interactive drama to cheer up sick children

Jointly organised by KWIH Shanghai, Shanghai Children's Foundation and Shanghai Children's Medical Centre, an interactive drama was presented to the children and parents of the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre. The drama aimed to light up the children's spirit and alleviate their anxiety and negative emotions, hoping that they can recover soon.