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Spreading Love and Care to the Needy


The “KWCM Zhaotong City Daguan County Education Assistance Foundation”

Established in December 2018 by KWCM, the “KWCM Zhaotong City Daguan County Education Assistance Foundation” will make a RMB200,000 donation each year to the Daguan County Committee of the Communist Party of China Youth League for five consecutive years from 2019 to 2023 to provide education assistance to underprivileged secondary school and university students in Daguan County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. Joseph Chee, Managing Director of KWCM, paid a visit to Daguan County on 29 March to meet with local teachers and students and learn about the progress of students receiving the assistance. In addition, KWCM also launched a charitable donation initiative on that day by sending 2,100 packs of bedding sets and toiletries to the boarding students of seven primary schools and one secondary school in Shoushan County.

GEG’s Pre-Chinese New Year Luncheon for the Elderly

As Chinese New Year approached, GEG held its Pre-Chinese New Year Celebration for the elderly at Broadway Macau™. Nearly 100 senior citizens from the Federation of Trade Unions were invited to enjoy “poon choi” lunch. Longevity peach buns were presented to the elders as a symbol of long life and good health. GEG Volunteer Team Members also supported the event and enjoyed a fun afternoon with the elders.

KWIH Shanghai held interactive drama to cheer up sick children

Jointly organised by KWIH Shanghai, Shanghai Children's Foundation and Shanghai Children's Medical Centre, an interactive drama was presented to the children and parents of the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre. The drama aimed to light up the children's spirit and alleviate their anxiety and negative emotions, hoping that they can recover soon.