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Spreading Love and Care to the Needy


KWIH celebrates Chung Yeung Festival with the elderly in Shanghai and Nanjing

Volunteers from KWIH Social Club visited solitary elderly in Hunan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai on 28 September 2016 during Chung Yeung Festival. The activity was supported by the sub-district and its community committees. Social Club prepared sweaters, scarves and healthy food for seven senior citizens and visited the homes of two elderly who suffer from immobility. To uphold the idea of being enthusiastic in public welfare, staff from Nanjing paid a visit to the elderly centre in Qixia District on the next day. Through these initiatives, KWIH spread love and care to the elderly, fulfilled the company’s corporate social responsibilities and upheld the corporate culture of giving back to the society.

KWIH staff visit the left-behind children

KWIH staff visited Jilin Primary School on 2 July 2016 to express care for the left-behind children. It took K. Wah volunteers a four-hour drive from Guangzhou to reach the school, which is situated in Jilin Village, Yunan County, Yunfo City in Guangdong. Upon arrival, K. Wah volunteers were divided into groups to host different class activities based on students’ level, including fun games, a handcraft workshop and a science book reading. Through these fun activities, the students not only acquired new knowledge, but also felt the love and care to them. Knowing that the school facilities were inadequate, K. Wah volunteers brought some sports items to the school.

KWCM holds a food rescue campaign to promote food waste reduction

To promote food waste reduction, KWCM Social Club organised a food rescue campaign during CNY and encouraged staff to donate surplus food. Staff members actively responded to the campaign and donated 28.3kg of food to Food Angel, a food rescue and assistance program implemented by Bo Charity Foundation Limited.

KWIH Huicheng staff club visits Golden Bridge Home of the Elderly

Volunteers from KWIH Huicheng staff club and Po Ai Social Work Service paid a visit to Golden Bridge Home of the Elderly in Guangzhou on 23 April 2016. The volunteers taught senior residents the healthy “five-finger exercise” and chatted with them caringly. The place was filled with excitement. By spreading love and happiness to the elderly, the volunteers realized how blessed they were by giving than receiving.

GEG co-organised two-day team-building camp

A two-day team-building camp, the first activity of 5th GEG YAP, was co-organised by Macau Management Association and GEG at Baiteng Lake Peasant Holiday Resort in Doumen District, Zhuhai. The two-day teambuilding camp aimed to encourage local teenagers to “reach out, reach beyond”. Through a series of fun outdoor activities and interactive guidance by the coaches, 90 participants learnt the importance of communication and effective team leadership to achieve goals. Also, their bondage and teamwork spirit were enhanced.

GEG spreads love to the society on community service challenge day

Since the 5th“GEG Youth Achievement Program” (YAP) co-organised by Macau Management Association and GEG kicked off last year, participants have been engaging in a series of activities designed to enhance leadership skills, build confidence and facilitate interaction with the community. YAP participants recently held a community service challenge day to spread love to the society. On the event day, participants gathered at the hub of Macau and invited strangers to undertake challenges, which included folding paper cranes and giving out free hugs to strangers. At first, strangers were hesitant to participate, but once a few people began to participate in the challenges, many others followed. The participants also created a banner and asked strangers to sign it in support of community care in Macau. The challenge day created opportunities for  participants to boost their self-esteem and spread love to the Macau society.