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Spreading Love and Care to the Needy


Spread More Love at K. Wah|"Strive and Rise Programme" Graduation Ceremony

A big thanks to our colleagues from K. Wah Group for serving as mentors in the "Strive and Rise Programme." Throughout the year, they participated together in company-organised visits and supported their mentees in developing positive values. Additionally, they encouraged their mentees to explore a wider range of possibilities for their future development. The recent Graduation Ceremony for the first cohort of the "Strive and Rise Programme" brought mentors and mentees together, marking the successful completion of the programme.

The second cohort of the "Strive and Rise Programme" will soon begin. Upholding the Group's commitment to giving back to society, we will continue to provide sustained support for community development and youth empowerment.

KWIH Supports the “Gift for Love” Charity Sales

K. Wah International (“KWIH”) adheres to the corporate spirit of "One K. Wah" and supports the "Gift for Love" charity sale organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth. The event aims to assist underprivileged communities in society and promote the positive message of "Striving for PHAB (Physically Handicapped and Able-Bodied) Integration" to the public.

GEG Holds World Food Day Themed event

Earlier, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) organised a World Food Day themed event to raise awareness on global food supply issues and the importance of food waste reduction. During the educational seminar, GEG introduced a series of sustainability training and promotional activities to 25 parents and children of the Civic Education Center of the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau, as well as shared with them the results of the “Clean Plate Challenge” campaign that are held in its staff canteens. Moreover, GEG also invited members of the GEG Volunteer Team to join the participants for the “Orange Peel Dishwashing Liquid” workshop where they learned how to make use of leftovers and reduce waste.

GEG supports activities for International Day for the Elderly

To celebrate International Day for the Elderly and promote public awareness of the physical and mental wellbeing, and rights of the elderly, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) sponsored the “Respect and Love the Elderly and Celebration of the Elders Day – 2023 Happy Half-Day Tour” organised by the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau and co-organised by the Holy House of Mercy of Macau.

A group of 80 senior citizens were joined by the GEG Volunteer Team for a visit to the Outdoor Lawn area near the Diamond Lobby of Galaxy Macau for a glimpse of the world’s first and tallest MY FIRST BE@RBRICK BABY 10000% inflatable art installation. In addition, they also toured the Grand Resort Deck, watched the Crystal Lobby and Diamond Lobby shows, and enjoyed an afternoon tea at the Broadway Food Street.

Through this event, GEG hopes to encourage the elderly to actively participate in community activities, increase their interaction with the community, create an inclusive society, and enhance their sense of belonging and purpose.

Emergency Preparedness Talk For Elderly With Evacuation Drills To Enhance Effectiveness

For the fifth consecutive year, Galaxy Entertainment Group ("GEG") has collaborated with the Unitary Police Service, Public Security Police Force, Social Welfare Bureau, Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau of the Macau SAR Government, and Peng On Tung Tele-Assistance Service to organise the “Emergency Preparedness Talk for Elderly” and distribute emergence resource kits for 60 elderly users of Peng On Tung. Representatives from the government, the elderly and GEG volunteers team participated in an evacuation drill after the talk, aiming to enhance their safety awareness and skills for disaster preparedness.

Spread More Love at K. Wah|Achieving Dreams

K. Wah Group invited a Executive Chef from the hotel to join the participants of the "Strive and Rise Programme" for afternoon tea and share their work experience, helping young people interested in the hotel industry to plan their careers and discover more possibilities.

K. Wah Group upholds the philanthropic spirit of giving back to society and actively supports community and youth development, by providing diversified learning opportunities for young people.