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Care for Staff

Care for Staff

Building Up a Strong Team


GEG celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with staff

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner! As a celebration, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) distributed “Asian Heart” mooncakes to its 20,000 staff. The Group also hosted a series of festive activities for its staff and their families, including upcycling lantern design competition and themed photo booths to mark the happy occasion.

KWIH family movie afternoon

Nearly 300 K. Wah International Holdings Limited ("KWIH") staff and their families shared an afternoon together and enjoyed two hottest summer movies over the last two weekends. Great to get recharged from spending time with loved ones!

GEG and Judiciary Police jointly organise a crime prevention workshop

Over 40 GEG frontline staff participated in a crime prevention workshop to reinforce their knowledge in identifying, preventing and reporting criminal activities. Representatives of Judiciary Police gave an overview and explained countermeasures of gambling-related crimes, including counterfeit currency, fraudulent mobile base station and money laundering.

GEG hosts fifth edition of EHS Quiz Competition

GEG has been proactively enhancing the facilities and equipment within its flagship properties to maintain safe and comfortable work environment. To deepen team members’ awareness of Environmental, Health and Safety (“EHS”) concepts, GEG organised the fifth annual EHS Quiz Competition with record-high participation of 29 teams. The winning team will have the opportunity to represent GEG in the Macau leg of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Safety Knowledge Competition organised by Labour Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR.

GEG advocates responsible gaming practices

GEG attaches great importance to encouraging responsible gaming. Earlier this year, GEG and Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home jointly hosted “Responsible Gaming Fun Day 2019”. Interactive games, display boards, consultation booths and visit to Gaming Industry Employees Home’s office were arranged to equip staff with the knowledge and skills on responsible-gambling-related information.

KWIH Huadu and Jiangmen staff strengthen team bonding

Cohesion and effective communication among teams are essential for business success. More than 100 staff from KWIH Huadu and Jiangmen office gathered for team building session to build workplace unity, increase trust, enhance problem-solving skills and, perhaps more importantly, to have fun!