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Care for Staff

Care for Staff

Building Up a Strong Team


KWCM organises Summer Fun Day

KWCM organised the Summer Fun Day on 19 July, with more than 400 employees and their families and friends defied the summer heat and joined the games in great team spirit.

KWCM staff wellness talks

KWCM Social Club invited professional lecturer to deliver a wellness talk: “Antioxidants and Free radicals” on 30 October 2015. She shared various types of antioxidant-rich foods and explained what free radicals are. On 26 November, KWCM Social Club organised the wellness talk: "Eat Healthy! - Cancer Prevention”. Colleagues learnt how to improve health through cancer-fighting foods. KWCM Social Club organised the "Being Happy" wellness talk on 17 December to equip colleagues with the concept of positive psychology and ways to develop positive thinking and a happier workplace.

KWIH professional training and talent development workshops

On 11 December 2015, KWIH organised a People Development Programme Workshop, where Charles Wong, Associate Director of Corporate Affairs and Special Projects, taught the problem-solving skills and its application in the workplace.

On 7, 14 and 21 December 2015, team building workshops were organised for senior management and staff using games so as to strengthen teamwork spirit and communication.

On 16 November 2015, KWIH invited Prof Anyu Wang, Associate Professor of Department of Management Science, to deliver a seminar on "The Logic of Innovative Business Models in the Internet Era" to explain the importance of technological innovation and how to create win-win benefits for a business and its clients. Also, a leadership workshop was organised on 11 December 2015 for the management staff from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Hong Kong. They visited the Group’s property projects and offices of TWIN PEAKS and the Octagon, and industry peer Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited’s projects like Upton in a bid to foster mutual exchange and experience sharing of successful cases.

K. Wah Social Club skincare product DIY workshop

K. Wah Social Club organised an “Aloe Vera + Cucumber Skin Care Product DIY Workshop” on 27 and 28 August, in which colleagues made skin care lotions with simple natural ingredients

Mooncake tasting day for K. Wah staff

KWIH and KWCM organised an ICGS mooncake tasting and sale session for the staff on 14 August and 28 August respectively.

KWCM Summer farm trip

KWCM organised a “Summer Trip and Vegetarian Meal” on 2 August whereby staff and their families visited a farm, watched the production of rural snacks, and enjoyed by a delicious vegetarian meal.