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Care for Staff

Care for Staff

Building Up a Strong Team


GEG launches parenting skills training for rotating shift team members

GEG is going to launch the “GEG Parenting Education Programme: Happy Parenting – Round-the-Click Parent” in February next year, with the aim of helping team members who work rotating shifts to build strong parent-child relationships. Team members who participate in the programme will take classes during their working hours. Commissioned by the GEG Foundation, the programme is developed by Heep Hong Society in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and co-organised with the Young Men’s Christian Association of Macau.

KWIH focuses on staff happiness as a “Happy Company” under the “Happiness-at-Work Promotional Scheme 2017”

Creating a happy workplace and enhancing staff happiness, KWIH regularly hosts leisure activities for staff, such as festival parties, Wing Chun martial arts classes and handcraft workshops. These activities have not only resulted in enhanced staff unity and stronger solidarity with the Company, but have also fostered a positive ambience for attracting high-calibre personnel and increasing competitiveness. The Group carries the title of “Happy Company” and the associated label as an active participant in the “Happiness-at-Work Promotional Scheme 2017” co-organised by the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, confirming its role to uphold “charity at work” in its management philosophy and foster a corporate culture of care and respect for employees’ life beyond the workplace.

GEG organises “Environmental, Health & Safety Education & Awareness Week” for the first time

GEG organised Environmental, Health & Safety Education & Awareness Week” for the first time to enhance staff knowledge and awareness in occupational health and safety and environmental protection through quizzes and talks arranged with the support of various government departments and professional agencies. Wong Chi Hong, Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau of Macau, visited our exhibition in person in support of the event.

Building strong team spirit among KWIH Shanghai staff

To enhance staff commitment to team effort and breed cooperative excellence, KWIH Shanghai organised a team building activity in Qingdao for its 180 colleagues. The activity has successfully boosted employees’ morale and demonstrated KWIH’s vibrant company culture.

GEG launches DSAL workplace safety training programme

In cooperation with the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) of Macau, Galaxy Entertainment Group has launched the hotel and catering industry safety card training programme. The training, conducted by GEG’s DSAL-certified staff, is designed to raise employees’ awareness on occupational safety and health issues.

While the first batch of over 100 operations team members has completed the programme, GEG plans to invite all staff to complete the training in three years. Staff who have completed the programme and have passed the exam would be issued DSAL’s hotel and catering industry safety cards.

GEG and Gaming Industry Employees Home co-host Responsible Gaming Fun Day

GEG and Gaming Industry Employees Home co-organised the Responsible Gaming Fun Day. The 11-day event offered a diverse range of activities such as interactive games, display boards and consultation booths, aiming to enhance staff’s knowledge of responsible gaming.