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Care for Staff

Care for Staff

Building Up a Strong Team


Tips from health guru

Feeling the midday slump in winter? Feeling stiff from sitting all day at work? At K. Wah International ("KWIH") we take wellness seriously. Recently we invited a registered Chinese medicine practitioner to give a health talk on basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and offer tips to strengthen health during winter. On-site massage manipulation demonstration and consultation services were also offered.

GEG launches “Responsible Gaming Awareness Week” for the eighth year

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been actively promoting responsible gaming to its team members and the public by organising various activities. This was also the eighth consecutive year that GEG organised “Responsible Gaming Awareness Week” for its team members.

This year, GEG collaborated with various social service organisations, including the Macau Youth Volunteer Association and the Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office to launch a series of activities for families to promote responsible gaming with interactive roadshows, workshops, and prize-giving quiz games. For example, the “Your Ideal Home” roadshow included games that helped team members explore how individual choice could impact their future by bringing out the importance of responsible gambling behaviour of themselves and their family.

Team bonding joy at KWIH

K. Wah International (“KWIH”) colleagues in Guangzhou & Dongguan both had a fun team-building time that energised the team and brightened their day.

Guangzhou team had a great moment discovering their cooking talents while whipping up fun in the kitchen. They teamed up to complete a total of 18 dishes in just two hours, which not only challenged their culinary skills but also the coordination and trust among them.

Likewise Dongguan team demonstrated the “Work Hard, Play Hard” spirit to the fullest. They tried out a new skill in baking, brewing hand-drip coffee or making ceramics, definitely a precious opportunity to get relaxed and develop a close rapport with each other!

Celebrate Service in InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong

Thank you to all our InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong staff for going above and beyond to provide outstanding service to our guests! As a token of appreciation, a series of activities were organised at our annual "Celebrate Service Month”, from Friends & Family Experience Days, Appreciation Meal to Celebrate Service Award Presentation etc.

GEG continues to promote responsible gaming

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) believes responsible gaming practices start from its team members. As the first gaming operator to establish a dedicated Responsible Gaming Team, GEG has been promoting responsible gaming to team members over the years. Recently, a series of GEG Responsible Gaming Programme Workshops, Responsible Gaming Committee Training and Building Positive Family Relationships Workshop were held to empower team members to put responsible gaming first. By the end of August, GEG plans to hold over 50 sessions of the Responsible Gaming Programme Workshop and train more than 5,000 team members, which will be equal to a total of 40,000 training hours!

GEG continues to support team members to learn

To help team members continue to excel in their professional skills and knowledge development in a safe and healthy environment, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has increased the frequency and scale of training, and has been following COVID-19 prevention measures in all training venues. Since the start of this year, more than 50 different training courses and events, which aimed to raise professional skills, as well as promoting the health, safety and well-being, have been held, with over 350,000 training hours occurred. By mid-2020, GEG expects to organise up to 100 corporate training events for team members.