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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Going Green for Sustainability


GEG holds family fitness tour and sustainably facilities tour

Galaxy Entertainment Group ("GEG") collaborated with Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office on co-organising a family fitness tour and sustainability DIY workshop. In addition, GEG also arranged a guided tour for team members to see the different sustainability facilities located at the Grand Resort Deck and back-of-house areas at Galaxy Macau™, and be inspired to strengthen their commitment for environmental protection.

GEG gives plastic bottles a second life

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is proud to drive a step-change and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Macau Coca-Cola to launch a plastic bottle circular system. As the first operator to work on this sustainability initiative with Macau Coca-Cola, under this MOU, all branded PET bottles of GEG and its properties will be recycled and processed into food-grade plastic pallets. These pallets will then be used to manufacture new recycled bottles by Macau Coca-Cola. Such manufacturing process can reduce carbon footprint by up to 63%. To further reduce the use of plastic, a new light-weighted bottle design has also been introduced to GEG’s hotel brands and its partners.