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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Going Green for Sustainability


K. Wah sponsors CUHK’s “Pearl River Estuary Challenge – Hong Kong Macau Rowing Expedition”

K. Wah Group, with commitment to environmental protection, sponsored the inaugural “Pearl River Estuary Challenge - Hong Kong Macau Rowing Expedition” organised by CUHK Rowing Team Alumni Association. The expedition aimed to raise HK$100,000 for World Wide Fund-Hong Kong’s marine and Chinese White Dolphin conservation work. From 17 to 18 October, the ten-strong rowing crew team paddled with undaunted endeavor through prime dolphin habitats, including the construction site of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and has become the first-ever round trip from Hong Kong to Macau.

GEG donates recycled soaps to third world countries

As of June this year, GEG hotels had collected over 5,000 kg of soaps for recycling and donated them to third world countries, including areas struck by the devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal earlier this year, to help them improve their hygiene conditions and prevent the spread of diseases.

Energy conservation and waste reduction at GEG

GEG has been actively engaged in energy saving, having replaced 50,000 florescent tubes and lamp bulbs with LED lights since last year to save more than 7 million kWh of energy in a year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of close to 2,200 families. GEG also installed an advanced Hobart Pulper machine (Photo 2) in the staff cafeteria to substantially reduce the volume and size of food waste by 80%, thus relieving the pressure on the refuse disposal area.

KWIH walks for a greener future

KWIH (Hong Kong Properties), known for its exquisite yet environmentally friendly properties, sent four members to join the 22nd Green Power Hike on 7 February. They participated in the 10km Property Management Cup, a walkathon kicked off at Aberdeen Country Park. Donation raised from the event will be used to support local environmental education for building a greener future.