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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Going Green for Sustainability


GEG continues to support the "2023 World Environment Day Activities Series"

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has once again supported the "2023 World Environment Day Activities Series" co-organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA), the environmental departments of the GBA, with the collaboration of various public services. Taking part in the "Lights Out 1 Hour" initiative, GEG has the exterior and non-essential lights across all properties turned off from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on June 5 to conserve energy. GEG also encouraged non-uniform team members to "Dress Light, Save Energy" during the hot summer weather and maintain office temperature at no less than 25°C for energy saving.

Recently, GEG donated the proceeds from the plastic bag charges to Green Future Macau to support their environmental protection services. GEG is delighted to be awarded a certificate of appreciation from DSPA and will remain steadfast to building a sustainable future for Macau.