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Dr Lui Che-woo Chairman of K. Wah Group Visits Peking University to Share His Over 70 Years of Life Experience in Transcending Difficulties and Great Aspiration of Promoting World Civilisation

24 Jun 2016

Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group (the “Group”), visited Peking University on 24 June 2016 at the invitation of the Peking University Education Foundation and spoke at the forum. He had an insightful sharing with over 150 scholars and students of the Peking University about his entrepreneurial experience in transcending difficulties in the course of his career over the past 70 years, and his key concepts of life philosophies including measuring the value and prospect of a business based on human and societal needs, achieving personal success while sharing the fruits with the community; paying dedicated efforts on work that comes with innovation and creativity, winning without competing; being practical and realistic, stabilizing before moving forward; blending the best of both worlds from the East and West in managing a company, conducting oneself in a humble and serene manner.

Group photo of Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group (back row, 12th from left), Professor Zhu Shanlu, Chairman, Peking University Council (back row, 13th from left); Professor Wu Zhipan, Executive Vice-President of Peking University (back row, 6th from left), Chen Zuoer, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macau Studies (back row, 11th from left), and other leaders of Peking University and K. Wah Group management and students

LCW Prize brings a harmonious world and a better society

In addition, Dr Lui explained his vision behind the establishment of the LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation, in which the core spirits are to promote the value of harmony, positive attitude towards life and positive energy of enlightenment. He also expressed hope that leaders, scholars and students of the Peking University would support the development of the LUI Chi Woo Prize, for even just sowing a seed, it can be an act from the heart of Chinese people for building a harmonious world.

The sharing by Dr Lui received bursts of applause from the attendees. After the forum, Dr Lui presents his first authorized biography, LCW Biography, which was published earlier this year, to the student representatives of Peking University. Prof Wu Zhipan, Executive Vice-President of Peking University, encourages students to learn from Dr Lui’s stabilizing manner and innovative spirit by studying Lui Che-woo Biography.

The importance of inner happiness and the sharing of harmony

“Sharing in Harmony” was the message Dr Lui most intended to share with the students at the forum. Dr Lui said, “Many people put tremendous efforts into the pursuit of fame, fortune and success, but it is impossible for everyone to make it. In fact, beyond fame and fortune, spiritual calmness and inner happiness are much more important. Therefore, when pursuing one’s goals, first and foremost, he or she must keep happiness at heart, forget about the disputes, respect one another, and last but not least, enjoy the harmonious and peaceful moment and the valuable resources our Mother Earth gives us."

Prof Zhu Shanlu, Chairman, Peking University Council, gave his high acclaims for the LUI Che Woo Prize in his speech. Professor Zhu said, “The concept behind the LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation has a lot in common with the educational philosophy of Peking University, both devoted to serving as a leading example for China and the world by instilling in them the virtuous and kind spirit of humanity, and as an effective guide in leading the progress of the society.”

Dr Lui shares his life philosophies and his great inspiration of promoting world civilization with the scholars and students of the University. Participants are keen to raise questions to Dr Lui.