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Dr Lui Che-woo Chairman of K. Wah Group officiates at the unveiling of the Hong Kong Education Foundation for Wuyi University Building at Jiangmen Wuyi University

03 Jun 2016

On 3 June 2016, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to mark the completion of Phase II of the “Hong Kong Education Foundation for Wuyi University Building” at Jiangmen Wuyi University. A host of esteemed guests, including Deng Weigen, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal CPC Committee and Mayor of Jiangmen, Li Ziliu, former Mayor of Guangzhou, Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group, Zhang Kun, Secretary of the Wuyi University CPC Committee, the Wuyi University Board members, selected members of the former Wuyi University Education Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited and Wuyi University management representatives, attended the event to witness this memorable occasion.

Dr Lui, Chairman of K. Wah Group, Chairman of the former Wuyi University Education Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited, and Principal Lifelong Honorary President of the Wuyi University Board, shared his pride for witnessing the growth of Wuyi University into a sizeable local tertiary institution with growing reputation, and commended the combined efforts of the management, teaching staff and students of the university behind its success. He cited education as the essential means to cradle the younger generation for the future of our society and to propagate Chinese culture and ethos.

Dr Lui noted that Wuyi University had laid a solid foundation thanks to the help of many overseas Wuyi fellowcountrymen and local government support. He also praised the University for its positive role in nurturing talents to drive local economic development and national progress.

Since its inception in 1992, “Hong Kong Education Foundation for Wuyi University” has offered support to the University in teaching and research, academic exchange, talent introduction, campus development, facilities upgrading, financial assistance and scholarships, etc. The Foundation has donated its funds totalling $47.78 million amassed over the years to the University Board, part of which are used for the construction of three students’ dormitory buildings under the permanent ownership of the Foundation. Annual revenues derived from these buildings, after deduction of relevant costs, will be used to fund financial assistance / scholarship programmes and other development projects of the University to fulfill the objectives of the Foundation continuously.

At its foundation more than 30 years ago, Wuyi University was underequipped with access to limited resources only. Ye Jiakang, founding University President, and Li Ziliu, the Secretary of the Municipal CPC Committee, made painstaking efforts to raise funds for the University. On learning about the University’s building plans, Dr Lui swiftly offered donation for the construction of a grand hall with a 1,300-seating capacity, which is an integral part of the University’s teaching facilities. The grand hall has remained a major venue for important municipal functions in Jiangmen.
Ye Jiakang, founding President of Wuyi University, thanked Dr Lui for his support in the early years which had provided a solid foundation for subsequent development. Li Ziliu, former Mayor of Guangzhou and Secretary of Jiangmen Municipal CPC Committee concurred with Dr Lui’s view that it is only through education that the younger generation can be nurtured for the benefit of the future society. He encouraged members of Wuyi University to draw lessons from the past three decades and to seek innovative developments for the future in concerted effort. Li also noted that the University community should draw inspirations from the traditional Cantonese ethos, including prudence out of respect for traditions, diligent endeavours to explore new frontiers, pragmatism, tolerance and the courage to innovate. On education, he remarked that the nurturing of personal qualities was at least as important as the attainment of academic results, and that talents, technology and personal qualities were equally indispensable.

Dr Lui also paid tribute to friends in Hong Kong, Macau and elsewhere who had contributed their efforts to the founding of Wuyi University. They included Sir Lee Quo Wei, Dr Wong Kin Hang, Wong Kau, Szeto Fai and others. He recalled the establishment of “Hong Kong Education Foundation for Wuyi University” in 1992 which has since then provided the resources needed for the development of the University, such as the purchase of teaching facilities, building of the campus network system and funding of exchange programmes. Subsequently, Shiyou Building and Lui Che Woo Technology Building were also built, which is a testament to the fraternity of overseas Wuyi countrymen.

Deng Weigen, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal CPC Committee and Mayor of Jiangmen, expressed his delight for witnessing the completion of Wuyi University Foundation buildings twice. These efforts, he noted, embodied the compassion of overseas Chinese for their homeland as well as the collective wisdom of all those involved in turning the Foundation Building into permanent assets that would generate income for sustainable development. He encouraged Wuyi University to continue to broaden its scope, so that it would one day develop beyond Guangdong or even establish its presence overseas to showcase the spirit of Wuyi and its continuous innovation.

According to Zhang Kun, Secretary of Wuyi University CPC Committee, Wuyi University Education Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited was established to cater to the needs of the University during the initial years. As the University is approaching its 30th anniversary, the mission of the Foundation has also been accomplished. The new building represents a lasting memorial of the Foundation’s work over the past two decades for the benefit of the University and a fine testimony of the visionary insights of its directors. Zhang called on members of Wuyi University to keep this in mind and strive to achieve new milestones, so that the painstaking efforts of their fellow-countrymen at home and abroad to support the University will not go unrewarded.