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Culture & Sports

Culture & Sports

Promoting Arts, Culture and Sports


2020 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon successfully held

Organized by the Sports Bureau of the Macau SAR Government and the General Association of Athletics of Macau, and title sponsored by Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”), the 2020 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon was held successfully on 6 Dec. The marathon route this year once again traversed Macau’s landmarks including Galaxy Macau™. Runners could admire the beautiful view of Macau during the competition. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, GEG senior executives and team members celebrated as the Group won the Marathon’s Group Trophy for the 16th consecutive year.

GEG Volunteer Team joins Special Olympics inclusive sports event

Invited by Macau Special Olympics (“MSO”), GEG Volunteer Team joined their students at the “2020 Macau Sports Day for the Disabled” hosted by the Sports Bureau of the Macau SAR Government, and participated in inclusive games and activities organised by MSO. Through these meaningful activities, it was aimed to encourage engagement and inclusion with people with disabilities, and foster mutual help and harmony.

GEG Volunteer Team took part in a number of inclusive activities, including the inclusive boules and inclusive basketball events organised by MSO. During the event, MSO representatives took on the role as instructors, and led the participants through a series of warm-up exercises and posture demonstration. With the interaction, GEG volunteers and MSO students paired up as teams and were able to develop teamwork, companionship and inclusion.

GEG celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with fun and excitement

Dragon Boat Festival is a time of boat races! Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) encouraged its staff to actively take part in different cultural and sports events. This year is the 15th consecutive year that the GEG dragon boat team has participated in Macau International Dragon Boat Races. GEG’s management team visited the dragon boat team during the event to show their appreciation for the team’s hard work and unity.

Awakening the dragons

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) will be sending three teams, with staff from various properties and departments, to join the 2020 Macau International Dragon Boat Races. Management and team members participated in a blessing ceremony held prior to the Dragon Boat Festival earlier to wish for success and bestow good luck upon team members and the three dragon boats, which are named Galaxy Pearl, Galaxy Universe and Galaxy Elegance.