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Feature Stories

J SENSES + H SENSES at Shanghai K. Wah Centre
A new landmark for leisure and fine taste in the city

29 Nov 2017

As a Grade A office tower sitting on a prime site in downtown Shanghai, K. Wah Centre has been a leader in the market for commercial properties since its opening in 2005. Recently, its retail segment has been rebranded as J SENSES and H SENSES. With a highly recognizable image, it has been transformed into one of the most celebrated rendezvous for fashionable lifestyles in Shanghai, served by a range of meticulously selected, exquisite dining venues and a sporting vendor.

Focus on joy and health

“‘J’ and ‘H’ denote ‘Jia’ and ‘Hua’, respectively, the Putonghua transliteration of K. Wah, but the two letters could also stand for ‘Joy’ and ‘Health’,” Eugene Tang, Deputy General Manager – Commercial Development and Planning of K. Wah (China) Investment Co. Ltd. explained. “People nowadays have a much stronger awareness for personal health and work-life balance, thus we have set aside enormous space for a well-equipped gym. Office workers would come in for coffee in the morning and lunch in midday, followed by workout or a drink with friends in the afterhours. J & H SENSES have become an integral part of the daily life of many people in Shanghai, as it satisfies customers’ needs round the clock,” he concluded.


Introduce the best outlets

The tenants of J & H SENSES have been selected through an elaborate process. Mr Tang points to the service of a professional management team and the continuous provision of quality products as the first and foremost criteria in the selection of tenants. “We must be able to offer services of the very high standards to attract people from a very diverse range of backgrounds,” he continued. “I will pay a personal visit to the kitchens of potential restaurants, as the operation of the kitchen is the best indicator of the professional management standards of a restaurant. We want restaurants to be among the top-performing diners in Shanghai,” he maintained.

Customer experience in style

All tenants of J & H SENSES have installed floor-to-ceiling windows to capitalize on the fine views of Xuhui District and designed to maximize the inflow of natural daylight and the sense of spaciousness to enhance the leisurely atmosphere. Xuhui District is a light-hearted and lively neighborhood as much as it is a CBD. According to Mr Tang, J & H SENSES provide a fine showcase of some of the city’s most exquisite lifestyles. He also revealed that K. Wah would continue to negotiate with different potential tenants that might serve to enhance the brand positioning and special features of K. Wah’s commercial projects.

Address: 1010 Huaihai Zhong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai