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Feature Stories

Dr Lui Che-woo donates RMB120 Million to The School of Life Sciences of Peking University
To build a major scientific research and teaching base for China

08 Nov 2017

Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman and Founder of K. Wah Group and Director of LUI Che Woo Charity, has announced a RMB120 million donation to the School of Life Sciences of Peking University for setting up the Lui Che Woo School of Life Sciences Fund and constructing a new life sciences research building. In the donation ceremony, Prof Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University, and Prof Wang Bo, Vice President of Peking University and Vice Chairman of the Peking University Education Foundation Board, signed the donation agreement with Dr Lui Che-woo under the witness of guests and media. This marks their joint commitment in driving life sciences research in China.

Hoping research can contribute to betterment of humankind

Striving to support education and scientific research has been the constant wish of Dr Lui throughout the past decades. In his speech, Dr Lui expressed his pride and honour for being able to play a part in supporting and promoting the research and teaching of life sciences at Peking University and also the construction of a national base for scientific research and teaching relating to key technologies. “Gratitude is due to the leadership of Peking University for their broad vision for the future development of mankind, and for their steadfast efforts to drive the development of life sciences in China over the years. I also wish to take this opportunity to encourage tertiary institutions in China to continue their pursuit of far-reaching and innovative research and nurture more scientific research talents for China and the world, thereby contributing to the well-being of mankind in the future.”

Joint commitment with Peking University to nurture scientific talents

During the ceremony, Peking University announced that the new life sciences research building will be named as the “Lui Che Woo Building”. Prof Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University, expressed his deepest respect and gratitude to Dr Lui for his generous donation. “Building a top-notch facility dedicated to life sciences provides driving force in nurturing talent and facilitating life sciences research and study activities. This facility is a precious gift celebrating the 120th anniversary of Peking University in 2018 and a good deed that will benefit the whole nation, the Chinese people, as well as humanity for generations to come.” He also praised the Lui Che Woo Prize - Prize for World Civilisation established by Dr Lui for laying a foundation for betterment of humankind and world civilisation. The Prize exemplifies Dr Lui’s abundant mind and his care for world betterment. “This also coincides with the philosophy of Peking University,” he said.

Building a strong scientific research base for China

In the QS World University Rankings in Life Sciences and Medicine for the past five years, Peking University is the only one in China among the top 50 universities. However, the School of Life Sciences has been facing a number of challenges. One of the challenges includes the dispersion of teaching and research staff, who are currently located in six buildings of the campus. The future completion of the “Lui Che Woo Building” would thus help in integrating facilities and merging talents. In the near future, beside the introduction of national and Ministry of Education’s key laboratories, the new building will also provide basic facilities for the China’s protein science research initiative, which is known as the “Phoenix Project”. Advanced equipment covering proteins, magnetic resonance and optical microscopic imagery, and also a state-of-the-art Cryo-scanning electron microscope (Cryo-SEM) will be introduced. In addition, the new building will house shared equipment rooms and laboratories, including cold storage, cytology laboratory, thermostatic chamber and ultra-low temperature freezer facilities, covering nearly 550 sq.m. on each floor to provide convenient access and usage to scientists of the University. Prof Wu Hong, Dean of the School of Life Sciences of Peking University, expected the “Lui Che Woo Building” to become the institute with the strongest integrative capacity among the University.

Prof Wu Hong (first from the left), Dean of the School of Life Sciences of Peking University, presented the calligraphy written by the students and teachers from the School of Life Sciences to Dr Lui (first from the right).

Relentless research in pursuit of better human health

Prof Wu Hong pointed out that the School of Life Sciences had been established for over 90 years. The School’s current research areas include stem cell therapy, accurate medical examinations of genetic diagnosis in the embryo, investigation on suppressing viruses in rice to secure steady crops production, and preservation of the natural environment. Researchers have achieved solid results in all these aspects. In the near future, the team will focus on researches related to tumors, large biomolecules in stem cells and drug development of small biomolecules, with the ultimate goal to unveil the secret of life and improve human health. “As the representative of all teachers, staff and students, I hereby promise Dr Lui that we will not disappoint him and will continue our education wholeheartedly, as well as persist in scientific researches and innovate relentlessly for the betterment of human health to live up to the role as a member of the Peking University. Thanks to Dr Lui, Peking University is seeing its dream come true!”

Peking University presented the “Peking University Outstanding Educational Contribution Awards” to Dr Lui in appreciation of his generous donation to educational causes and his great support to life sciences teaching and research in China. Dr Lui has specially written a Chinese Calligraphy for Peking University with four Chinese words meaning “Scientific Research and Innovation” as a blessing to the scholars and students at the University for their every success with researches for the betterment of mankind.

Prof Lin Jianhua (third from the left) presented the “Peking University Outstanding Educational Contribution Awards” to Dr Lui in recognition for his contribution in education.

Dr Lui (second from the right), Chairman of K. Wah Group, presents his Chinese Calligraphy for Peking University and wishes the scholars and students at the University every success with their researches for the betterment of mankind.