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Press Releases

KWIH Becomes Honorary Patron of Opera Hong Kong Fosters Art Education and Outreach Programmes and Cultivates Local Performing Talents Manifests Hong Kong’s Stature as a Diverse Cosmopolitan City

05 Feb 2013

(Hong Kong, 5 February 2013) – K. Wah International Holdings Limited (“KWIH” or “the Group”) (stock code: 173) has pledged a donation of HK$10 million to Opera Hong Kong (“OHK”) to commence a four-year programme as an Honorary Patron. Through a wide spectrum of productions and education and outreaching programmes, the sponsorship aims to promote local art education and cultivate art management talents, and in turn the popularity and diversification of local art scene so as to enhance Hong Kong’s image as a culturally rich cosmopolitan city.

Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH (Right 2nd), Albert Yeung, Director - Human Resources and Administration of KWIH (Right 1st), Edward Ho, Chairman of Opera Hong Kong (Middle), Wong Kwai Lam, Chairman of the Development Committee and Director of Opera Hong Kong (Left 1st) and Warren Mok, Artistic Director of Opera Hong Kong (Left 2nd)

Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH, said, “Over the decades, the Group has been growing along with Hong Kong. We are pleased to become the Honorary Patron of OHK and we deem its mission in promoting this unique art form meaningful. Under the sponsorship programme, KWIH hopes to bring more world-class opera productions to the public, as well as to identify and nurture local art talents and management professionals through youth engagement and providing opportunities for local artists.”

Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH hopes to foster local cultural and art development and enhance Hong Kong’s image as a culturally vibrant cosmopolitan city through becoming an Honorary Patron of Opera Hong Kong

Albert Yeung, Director – Human Resources & Administration of KWIH, said, “The social environment can exert a profound influence on art and this is where education among children and youth comes in playing a vital role. The collaboration between KWIH and OHK includes a range of education and outreach programmes to enhance young people’s interest in opera in hope of fostering development of local opera itself and among the public.”

Ever since its establishment in 2003, OHK has always been committed to enhancing the appreciation of the art of opera in Hong Kong while nurturing local music talents, with an aim to make opera enjoyable and easy to understand for the general public. With KWIH as its Honorary Patron, OHK plans to further its education and outreach programmes, with major highlights this year including:

  • Opera Summer Camp – Opera Hong Kong will enlist students to participate in opera training courses, including sponsorship for underprivileged children. Students can learn singing, performance and stage skills, and learn more about the making of an opera, with the opportunity to identify which of the diverse aspects of opera they are interested in. They can also participate in The Magic Flute, the graduation performance of the summer camp  
  • Mini Opera Tour – Arrange mini opera performances in primary and secondary schools and  small scale concerts in tertiary institutions for the younger generation to understand and appreciate operas
  • Complimentary student tickets and opera rehearsals – Students can appreciate opera performances to inspire their interest in opera and other performing arts free-of-charge
  • Children Chorus – Opera Hong Kong continues to foster interest in singing among children through education and training

Furthermore, local opera artists will have more opportunities to participate in special performances led by them. Scholarships for bachelor and master degree students to study vocal course will also be established. These can provide a resplendent stage for them to pursue their goals of becoming professionals.

Edward Ho, Chairman of Opera Hong Kong, said, “We are grateful for KWIH’s generous donation and its endorsement on our vision in promoting opera. The support comes as an encouragement for us to advance as OHK celebrates its 10th anniversary. Promoting opera in Hong Kong is challenging given problems like fundraising do exist. Now with KWIH as the Honorary Patron, we hope to strengthen opera education and training so as to enhance art appreciation in Hong Kong. Moreover, it is hoped that more art talents with a passion in opera can develop their careers here so as to enrich the glamour of Hong Kong as an international travel destination.”

Edward Ho, Chairman of Opera Hong Kong, deems the support from KWIH a strong motivation to promote opera in Hong Kong

Warren Mok, Artistic Director of Opera Hong Kong, said, “As an opera enthusiast, I earnestly love to share the beauty of this performing art with more people. All these years, OHK has been realizing my dream by bringing the art to young audience through dress rehearsals for students. Nonetheless, there is always more can be done. It is only with the support from the Government and society that will groom more outstanding opera artists, taking local opera development to new heights.”

Warren Mok, Artistic Director of Opera Hong Kong, hopes to advance the popularity of opera in appreciating the essence of this art form