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Press Releases

Care for the Underprivileged
KWIH Supports Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in Setting Up Local Mask Factory

30 Mar 2020

(Hong Kong – 30 March 2020) K. Wah International Holdings Limited (“KWIH” or the "Group") has announced its donation of HK$ 3.7 million for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (“TWGHs”) through the “KWIH Anti-Epidemic Fund”, as a start-up fund for TWGHs to convert part of the workshop area within an integrated vocational rehabilitation centre into a surgical mask production factory. TWGHs will provide job training for people with disabilities to assist in the production process of surgical masks.

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, TWGHs as a charitable organisation providing diversified medical, educational and social services, surgical masks are essential for supporting its daily operations. Even current needs of protective masks in TWGHs can be temporarily met by urgent procurement, the supply of mask is believed to be unstable in the long run with the rise of global health awareness. KWIH has therefore decided to support TWGHs to set up a new mask production line. In addition to supplying masks to its service units including hospitals, elderly and disabled homes, rehabilitation centres and schools, etc, TWGHs also plans to supply these masks to other non-profit organisations. KWIH hopes to help reduce the financial and labour burden on the social welfare sector and centralise the resources to serve the disadvantaged.

TWGHs plans to transform part of the workshop area within its Jockey Club Ngai Chun Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre into Clean Room. Suppliers of mask manufacturing machinery and materials have been successfully engaged, and technical support from the Hong Kong Productivity Council has also been received. The mask factory is expected to start trial production in June and subsequently in full operation in July after relevant certifications obtained. Its maximum production capacity can reach 2.2 million surgical masks per month. Additionally, the project can also provide job training opportunities to people with disabilities, while at the same time facilitating them for open employment in the labour market and integration into society.

While there is still a shortage of masks, Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of KWIH, is concerned about the underprivileged in society, and hopes to help ease the current difficult situation of medical services, social welfare organisations and the needy by supporting the production of masks initiated by social welfare organisations. Dr Lui specially wants to bring more positive energy to Hong Kong amidst the current challenging environment, “I would like to pay tribute to government departments and officials, and professional medical staff who stay committed to their work at this critical time. Let us unite in the spirit as a family and overcome challenges together hand-in-hand by upholding the ‘Lion Rock Spirit’, the pride of Hong Kong people, and spread positive energy!"

KWIH has been actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility adhering to its motto of "giving back to society". The “KWIH Anti-Epidemic Fund” has been supporting the anti-epidemic work in both Mainland China and Hong Kong since the initial stage of the outbreak. Such efforts included donations to support the prevention and control of the epidemic outbreak in many provinces and cities in the country, including Hong Kong, Guangdong Province and Shanghai; providing rent concessions to its tenants in Hong Kong and Mainland China; strengthening the epidemic prevention measures of the Group’s offices in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, including enhancing disinfection, distribution of epidemic prevention and protection supplies such as masks and disinfectants to colleagues; uniting all members within the KWIH family to source useful materials to donate to the affected areas; and cooperating with social welfare organisations for ongoing support to citizens in need.


Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of KWIH, addresses the epidemic with positive energy and pays tribute to related government departments and officials, and professional medical staff.

KWIH sponsors TWGHs to convert part of its workshop area within the Ngai Chun Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre in TWGHs Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex in Aberdeen into a mask production factory.



KWIH strengthens its epidemic prevention measures in the Group’s offices in both Mainland China and Hong Kong and distributes epidemic prevention and protection supplies to colleagues.



KWIH continues to support the epidemic prevention work in Mainland China, including donation of epidemic prevention and protection materials to the citizens of Shanghai and Guangdong Province.