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Press Releases

K. Wah Group Demonstrates Strong Team Spirit at Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships 2018

18 Jun 2018

(Hong Kong, 18 June 2018) – K. Wah Group (the “Group”) has participated in the “Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships 2018” held at Stanley Main Beach today. This marks the fourth consecutive year that the Group has taken part in this annual event, providing a wonderful opportunity for staff and their associates to celebrate Tuen Ng Festival together.

Same as last year, K. Wah International Holdings Limited (“KWIH”, HKEx: 0173) and Stanford Hotels International formed a “Mixed-gender Team”, comprising 20 male and female athletes. The team, which had put in months of practice, demonstrated exceptional teamwork and determination to compete against other local and overseas players. They were energised by the support from the Group, particularly with Oliver Lam, Chief Financial Officer of KWIH, Quinly Wan, Director of Development & Leasing of KWIH, colleagues from different departments and their associates. Consequently, the Group’s top team completed the race in a highly respectable result.

The Group endeavours to advance the physical and mental well-being of all staff by encouraging them to participate in sports and leisure activities. At the same time, the Group raises their awareness in regarding the importance of work-life balance, as well as strengthening ties among colleagues from different departments so as to achieve harmony and unity.

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K. Wah Group again sends a “Mixed-gender Team” to compete with other dragon boat teams

K. Wah Group ‘s dragon boat team shows strong team spirit and gives its best in the races

Oliver Lam, Chief Financial Officer of KWIH; Quinly Wan, Director of Development & Leasing of KWIH, colleagues and their associates cheer on the team and celebrate the Tuen Ng Festival