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During the first decade of the 21st century, the world has gone through troubled times such as 9/11, SARS and the economic tsunami that put business operations through serious challenges. Yet, K. Wah was able to weather the storms and emerge triumphant.

One of the proudest achievements of the company was in 2002, when it was awarded one of the gaming concessions to venture into the mega integrated entertainment arena in Macau. Possessing experience and knowledge built up over years, it was well positioned to combine its expertise in construction materials, hospitality and property development to unlock huge business potential in Asia.

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”; stock code: 00027) was officially listed in Hong Kong in 2005. GEG opened its first five-star flagship StarWorld Hotel in 2006, which has earned it numerous international accolades. The stellar performance of GEG has brought it to a new height and enabled it to go head-to-head with enormous hotels and resorts run by international operators.

Developments in Mainland China are also in action. The K. Wah Centre in downtown Shanghai, opened in 2005, serves as the headquarters for K. Wah to expand in the growing Mainland China market. The Group has been able to undergo various property projects in the Yangtze River Delta and construction materials projects in Northern, Eastern and Southern China regions. Together with localisation policies and efficient resources sharing, these projects have been implemented in a disciplined manner.

Over the past ten years, K. Wah Construction Materials has successfully transformed from vertical construction materials provider into one-stop supplier that integrates environmentally-friendly measures with its value-added production process. In collaboration with leading iron and steel enterprises, such as Beijing Shougang Group, Kunming Iron & Steel Group, Anhui Maanshan Iron & Steel Group, Nanjing Iron & Steel Group, Hubei Echeng Iron & Steel Co., Guangdong Shaoguan Iron & Steel Group and Guizhou Shougang Shuicheng Iron & Steel Group, K. Wah Construction Materials has been able to employ the latest technology to recycle raw slag and apply the eco-friendly ground granulated blastfurnace slag (GGBS) to various mega construction projects in Mainland China.

K. Wah Group’s property flagship, K. Wah International Holdings Limited, went through repositioning in 2005. In accordance with the experience which the company had acquired over the past 50 years, it puts a stronger emphasis towards the development of high-quality property projects in Greater China such as premium residential developments, grade-A commercial buildings, arcades, hotels and serviced apartments. High-end luxurious residential projects, such as The Great Hill, The Caldecott and The Palace in Hong Kong, and Shanghai Westwood, located in the Shanghai city centre, all continue the company’s mission of providing “quality property” while several pieces of high-standard land are acquired for future developments.

Having been through all the challenges and opportunities in the past 55 years, the K. Wah Group has established itself as a multinational conglomerate.