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Growing in Tandem with SocietyEmbracing the Motherland Spreading Wings over the World

Embracing the Motherland Spreading Wings over the World

Dr Lui Che-woo established the first K. Wah Company in Hong Kong in 1955. Since then, he has successfully guided K. Wah’s growth from a local construction materials company employing a few dozen people into a multinational conglomerate of close to 30,000 employees.

K. Wah Group today is engaged in four principal businesses — Construction Materials, Properties, Hospitality and Entertainment & Leisure — with investments in Hong Kong, Macau and major cities in Mainland China, Southeast Asia and the United States. In total, we have over 200 subsidiaries throughout the world.

K. Wah Group has followed a development path that parallels China’s 30 years of economic reform. As we move forward, we will build on our strengths in Mainland China while maintaining a firm foothold in Hong Kong and supporting the nation’s call for creating a harmonious society.