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Press Releases

KWIH Makes Donation to Jia Hui Cheng School Establishes “K.Wah Education Fund” to Promote Sustainable Development of Well-rounded Education

(Hong Kong, 27 October 2016) K. Wah International Holdings Limited (“KWIH” or the “Group”) (stock code: 0173) has contributed  RMB100 million to establish the Jia Hui Cheng School and has held the “Jia Hui Cheng School Handover cum the Establishment of  K.Wah Education Fund Ceremony” today. Mr Chen Jiafei, Chairman of the CPPCC of Huadu District, Guangzhou; Ms Zou Xuan, member of Guangzhou Huadu District Committee and member of the Standing Committee; Mr Tan Guangqing, Chairman of the Education Foundation of Huadu District, Guangzhou; Ms Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH; Mr Wei Kepeng, Principal of Jia Hui Cheng School as well as other representatives from the Huadu District Government and hundreds of teachers and students have attended the event to witness the handover of Jia Hui Cheng School to the Huadu District Government, along with the establishment of the “K.Wah Education Fund”  amounting to RMB1million.

Jia Hui Cheng School is located at No.6, 6th Xiahua Road, Xinya Street, Huadu, Guangzhou. Since its official operation began this September, the school has attracted keen interest in student admission. Guided by the philosophy of “student-oriented education,” this nine-year “through-train” public school has six classes from primary one to secondary three respectively, thus some 2,500 students in total can be enrolled in 54 classes. The campus covers an area exceeding 40,000 sq.m., housing 10 academic buildings, 36 classrooms for the primary school and 18 classrooms for the secondary school, an auditorium, an indoor sports arena, a basketball court, an athletic field, an artificial turf football field and an underground car park, thus offering comprehensive facilities in a nice environment with a beautiful landscape.

In addition to supporting the school with a wide range of facilities, KWIH has also donated RMB1 million to establish the “K.Wah Education Fund” to enrich the school curriculum, strengthen extra-curricular activities and sports training for students, with focus on three major areas: the Drum and Dance Club, the Orienteering Club and the Football Club. The programmes aim at facilitating all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic development of students, thus cultivating their overall character. Besides, the foundation supports teachers to undergo regular training and exchanges, and invites respected domestic and overseas teachers to offer professional instruction at the school, thereby bringing diverse perspectives to the development of teachers. The K.Wah Education Fund strives to build a solid and long-term education foundation for the country and Huadu District in order to facilitate the sustainable development of education in the region as well as provide financial support to the teachers and students in need.


Ms Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH, and Mr Chen Weixin, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of People’s Government of Huadu District, Guangzhou deliver their speeches at the “Jia Hui Cheng School Handover cum the Establishment of K.Wah Education Fund Ceremony”

Mr Chen Weixin, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of People’s Government of Huadu District, Guangzhou said, “We recognise the high quality of both teachers and education at Jia Hui Cheng School. We also wish to praise the contribution of KWIH in providing a superior learning environment for students. KWIH’s support has gained widespread attention and favourable comments from society. Mr Chen hoped that the leaders and teachers of Jia Hui Cheng School will be bold in innovation, and all the teachers and students will work closely together to contribute to the development of education in Huadu District.  

Ms Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH, said, “J Metropolis is our new large-scale key project in Huadu District. As a property with a superb living environment and extensive facilities, J Metropolis today is even further enhanced with abundant educational resources. As we are committed to delivering premium properties and building a comprehensive infrastructure in J Metropolis, we also sincerely hope Jia Hui Cheng School could provide an ideal learning environment for parents and their children in the Huadu District. The establishment of the ‘K.Wah Education Fund’ will enrich the school curriculum and student experience as well as support teachers to widen their horizons through professional training. Looking ahead, KWIH and the government of Huadu District will continue to work together to create a perfect living environment and a quality community for local residents.” 
Mr Wei Kepeng, Principal of Jia Hui Cheng School, expressed his gratitude to the Municipal and District Governments and the Education Bureau. He also thanked KWIH for its support and assistance. Mr Wei said, “After the school is handed over to the management of Education Bureau, we will make a full committment to the operation of this school. To accomplish the mission of ‘serving teachers and students, helping teachers and students to achieve success,’ the school will implement the education philosophy of ‘establishing a student-oriented school to nurture and inspire people,’ so as to facilitate all-round intellectual, physical and artistic development of students, and ultimately turn the school into a renowned and respected student-based institution.”

Ms Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH (right), passes the drumsticks to Mr Chen Weixin, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of People’s Government of Huadu District, Guangzhou (middle), and Mr Wei Kepeng, the Principal of Jia Hui Cheng School (left), for the drumming ceremony which symbolises the official handover of Jia Hui Cheng School to the Huadu District Government.

Ms Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH (right), presents a cheque to Mr Tan Guangqing, Chairman of Education Foundation of Huadu District, Guangzhou (middle), and Mr Wei Kepeng, Principal of Jia Hui Cheng School (left), and announces the official establishment of the K.Wah Education Fund.

KWIH was one of the first Hong Kong entreprises to invest in Mainland China. Since the beginning of economic reform, it has commenced the construction materials business in Mainland China.  At the beginning of the 1990s, KWIH actively participated in the first urban renewal project in Guangzhou, where Parkview Place remains as a signature project there today. Other existing projects under development by the Group in the Huadu District include J Metropolis, Le Palais, J Wings and the five-star hotel, Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Huadu.


Ms Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH (right), presents a copy of “Lui Che-woo Authorised Biography,” the first biography of Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group, to Mr Wei Kepeng, Principal of Jia Hui Cheng School (left). The teacher and student representatives also present a gift to Ms Lui to thank KWIH for its support.

K. Wah Group has been supporting the development of education in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas over many years. Upholding the belief of “giving back to society from which one has benefitted,” the Group has provided funds to the Ministry of Education of China for the construction and renovation of 122 primary and secondary schools in impoverished regions, and has also contributed donations to the China Europe International Business School in Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai, Wuyi University in Jiangmen, South China University of Technology in Guangzhou and Nanjing University and so on. Through these measures, KWIH aims to promote the development of elementary and tertiary education and fully support education, charity, culture and recreation as well as environmental protection efforts in Mainland China. In 2015, Dr Lui Che-woo established the “LUI Che Woo Prize — Prize for World Civilisation” to honour and recognize individuals or organizations for remarkable contributions to the sustainable development of world resources, improving the welfare of mankind and inspiring the world through a positive attitude towards life. Through this multi-discipline international award, Dr Lui hopes to honour innovative spirits and research development as well as the contributions to achieve world civilisation and harmony.


More than 300 guests, teachers and students gather at the football field of Jia Hui Cheng School to witness the “Jia Hui Cheng School Handover cum the Establishment of the K.Wah Education Fund Ceremony”.



The students perform a drum and dance show to show their appreciation for the establishment of the K.Wah Education Fund as well as the opportunity of studying in Jia Hui Cheng School.

About J Metropolis

Located in Xinhua Town, an economic, cultural and administrative centre of Huadu District, Guangzhou, J Metropolis is only one step away from Baiyun District and enjoys a convenient transportation network with Guangfa Highway, Guangqing Highway, Line 8 & 9 of the Guangzhou Metro and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in close proximity. Comprised of East, Central and West plots with a total GFA of over 800,000 square metres and 5,000 units, J Metropolis is one of the most scalable projects in Huadu District offering five-star club houses, a kindergarten, a primary and secondary school, retail facilities, an elderly activities center, resident committees, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, parking facilities and commercial facilities.

J Metropolis East Phase 1 & 2 and Central plot have generated sales momentum. Units have already been delivered which have gained a satisfying and positive response from owners. With its East Phase 4 under construction and West plot under planning, J Metropolis will provide more niche quality units, building an ideal quality living space in the Huadu District.

Designed by a top-tier architectural firm in Hong Kong, the project features south-facing units, wide space between buildings, extensive greenery and a low plot ratio, making it a secluded and quiet space to live in. An unswerving commitment to exquisite design and innovation, J Metropolis is a property offering superb quality and good value for money.

Huadu, an up-and-coming community under the "South-North migration" policy of the Guangzhou government, is poised to become a hub for quality living. Its economic development is driven by air transport and the four pillar industries. Residents' needs for work, education, transportation and leisure are well-satisfied with a diverse range of ancillary facilities.

J Metropolis website: