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Letter from Chairman

Dr Lui Che-woo
Dr Lui Che-woo Chairman of K. Wah Group

The LUI Che Woo Prize – Recognizing the selfless devotees

Dec 2017

Dear Colleagues,

The LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation has been established for more than two years and six individuals or groups have been presented with prizes. Queries have been raised as to why the Prize has not been exclusively reserved for potential Chinese recipients. My answer has been unequivocal: The LUI Che Woo Prize is a prize for world civilisation, which means that it has been established with an international vision. It calls for the promotion of global harmony, hence candidates of all races should be eligible. By awarding the Prize, those who are making unsung efforts for noble causes can be recognized. What’s more, the Prize also encourages aspiring individuals of the younger generation to join in the ranks and support the worthy cause of promoting harmony in the world.

The Board of Governors identified sustainable development of the world, betterment of the welfare of mankind, and promotion of positive life attitude and enhancement of positive energy as the three main areas in which achievements were to be rewarded. Admittedly, improvements in these areas are not going to result in immediate changes, but we have every faith that they will guide us to the right path for the world development.

Each laureate has opened our eyes to moving stories of people dedicating lifelong efforts and making tremendous contributions in areas of their concern. I recalled an introduction video of The International Paralympic Committee, telling stories of physically challenged people or even amputees becoming athletes with the help of the IPC, which to its great credit has provided the occasion for these individuals to showcase a new lease in life.

Landesa Rural Development Institute, meanwhile, has secured land rights for more than 120 million families in over 50 countries through peaceful means over the past five decades. For the people in these rural areas, owning their land is the very crucial first step to be lifted from poverty, or even just to ensure survival.

Mr Xie Zhenhua has donated the full amount of the prize money (HK$20 million) to Tsinghua University Education Foundation. I can tell he feels contented with the appreciation for his work, and is happy to contribute the money to on other good causes.

Professor Yuan Longping, winner of the Sustainability Prize 2016, has also made enormous contributions with his research which has enhanced the yield of rice by 20% and helped to resolve a major issue in human survival. He continues with his research and train up younger researchers to carry the torch and creates enormous benefit to the sustainable development on a global basis.

President Jimmy Carter, winner of the Positive Energy Prize 2016, also deserves our profound respect. As a person with considerable political influence, he chose to devote his time and energy to the promotion of international peace and fraternity after leaving the office of U.S. President through the establishment of the Carter Center.

Let us not forget Médecins Sans Frontières, who always put themselves in some of the most dangerous situations to provide medical and humanitarian aid.

We hope the pronouncement of the stories of these laureates and their heroic deeds, as well as the support in the form of monetary prizes will give them encouragement, while the rest of the world will all share the pride of being fellow men and women of these dedicated people.

The Specific Areas of Focus (“SAF”) do not only answer the needs of today; they are also pointing to what we should alert ourselves to in the future. The SAF for the Prize 2018 have been announced. They include the development of renewable energy, reduction of the impact of natural disasters and elimination of illiteracy.

The world is ever moving forward. My hope is that The LUI Che Woo Prize will be able to keep abreast with the times and respond to the needs of different eras. I also believe that, for these three areas, improving innovative technologies and welfare betterment and preserving the beauty of natural environment will play important roles in contributions that might fundamentally change the course of human history. Hence, I am eagerly looking forward to nominations from all parts of the world, as well as to the inspiring stories of the future laureates.

Dr Lui Che-woo GBS, MBE, JP, LLD, DSSc, DBA,
Chairman and Founder of K. Wah Group