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K. Wah Group is aware of the importance of staff's wellbeing and spares no effort in promoting physical and mental health among staff. With the support of the Group, self-managed committees are formed under different divisions, which are responsible for organizing regular charity work, tournamnents, or staff activities to enhance team spirit and cohesion.

The Dongguan team of KWIH organized an outdoor teambuilding activity, which fully integrated working knowledge and collaborative skills. The activity aims to deepen their understanding of corporate culture and philosophy as well as the importance of teamwork. The management has presented the Outstanding Staff Award 2017 to staffs with excellent performance in the past year and hoped that the awardees will inspire other teammates and make the team stronger and better. 

GEG worked with the Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau (AFEDMM) to organize training program aiming to deepen staff’s knowledge of intellectual disabilities, also to improve their communication skills and professional services for all customers. Thirty employees from the security departments of StarWorld Hotel and Galaxy Macau™ participated and learned a valuable lesson from AFEDMM’s tutors. GEG is the first gaming operator to work with AFEDMM in hosting the training program.

With the aim to promote cohesion among team members, staff of KWIH Huicheng held an outdoor teambuilding activity in Panyu recently. Team members were divided into five groups to complete different challenges which provide them a good opportunity to enhance communications and understanding between each other and join hands to build a united and high performance team.

GEG recently hosted four sessions of “Let’s Exercise!” stretching classes in the back-of-house area.  Several GEG executives together with over a hundred team members from 20 departments  have participated  in the stretching exercises which can stimulate blood circulation to minimize the risk of workplace injury. Team members also joined “A Journey of Aroma and Relaxation” - an Aromatic Candle Workshop, a Perfume Balm Workshop and a Dried Flower with Aromatic Oil Workshop, which were taught by aromatherapy professionals from internationally-renowned spa brand, Banyan Tree Spa & Gallery. Beside, a he Zentangle workshop was designed to let team members to relax and calm the body and soul by focusing on drawing simple and tangled patterns.

To welcome the Year of the Dog, the management and staff of K. Wah International Holdings Limited send Hong Kong citizens an early “Happy Lunar New Year”, wishing everyone a prosperous, peaceful and healthy year ahead. The Group’s Chairman Dr Lui Che-woo and Executive Directors Mr Alexander Lui and Ms Paddy Lui officiated at the eye-dotting ceremony. Dr Lui improvised a Chinese calligraphy to wish everyone good fortune. Three lions symbolizing flourishing and wealth danced around the office to bring blessings and luck to all colleagues. The management also hosted a grand lucky draw and gave out red packets to colleagues, celebrating a blissful start in a new year together.  

KWCM Social Club often organizes activities to foster communication and team spirit among employees. It   has held a “Winter Poon Choi Feast” for more than 200 staff at the K. Wah Concrete Customer Service Centre in Tai Po Sam Mun Tsai Iin mid-January. They enjoyed the steaming hot poon choi outdoor under the cool weather and spent a wonderful night together. 


KWCM Social Club launched a “Work-life Balance Week” in October with a series of healthy activities for staff to participate. These activities included health checking, preparing nutritious breakfast, soups and fruits, as well as stretching and exercising. Staff formed a volunteer team to visit the elderly and play games with them in a Chinese restaurant. Staff in the Northern region also hiked around the Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing, to escape from the hustle and bustle and get close to the nature.

GEG hosted the “GEG Professional Development Recognition Ceremony” to commemorate team members who had completed diversified training programmes to improve their professional, leadership and managerial skills. Over 1,500 staff members, of which over 80% are Macau local residents, participated in the training and around 200 of them had received at least one promotion opportunity. GEG will continue to upload the responsibility in nurturing talent in the Macau Community and support the team members with proactive approaches by providing upward mobility in their career paths. Over 530,000 participants have been enrolled in GEG’s training and facilitated 11,600 promotion opportunities since 2004.

As employees are one of the most important assets of a company, K. Wah Groups’ hotels in the US organized different activities to recognize them for their contributions and efforts. Hilton Woodland Hills celebrated Team Appreciation week and provided Happy Cart Treats for everyone. Marriott Sacramento Rancho Cordova‘s Sales Team celebrated Sales Appreciation Month by going to a San Francisco Giants game. Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown celebrated their Administrative Professionals with gifts including a manicure and pedicure gift card, lunch, and more! To kick off Hilton’s Team Member Appreciation Week, team members at the Hilton Boca were given a Red Rose as a token of appreciation for all their hard work!

KWIH Human Resources Department has recently introduced a mobile application exclusive for staff. Connected with the company Intranet, the application offers a one stop platform on company news, e-learning, events and activities that are accessible to staff round the clock. More quizzes, games and privileges will be offered. Stay tuned!

The Shanghai Property Business Branch of KWIH organized “The Power of Go Beyond”, an outdoor training, for its staff in Wuyuan, Jiangxi, which aimed to enhance communication and understanding among employees for stronger team cohesiveness. While staff of Huicheng and Guangyu held their team building training in Chongqing, they also enjoyed the sightseeing in the city.

KWIH has appointed six first aid ambassadors, who are accredited first aiders, to enhance workplace safety and health. After more than 10 hours of top up training, the ambassadors work on shift as volunteers to provide first aid for their coworkers.

K. Wah Social Club and Human Resources Department hosted the annual staff outing and invited over hundreds of staff, together with their associates, to visit Macau. They enjoyed the buffet feast in Galaxy Hotel and spent a joyful afternoon by participating in team-building games. Two interest classes were hosted to let colleagues produce their own specialty coffee and organic soy candles.

K. Wah International (“KWIH” or “the Group”) management and its staff wish everyone a Merry Christmas! The Group’s Chairman Dr Lui Che-woo gave out chocolate gifts and sent his warmest Christmas blessings to staff, while the Group’s Associate Director of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Charles Wong, dressed up as Santa Claus to give surprise to colleagues in this festive season.

To strengthen the team spirit and cohesiveness  between staff, KWIH Shanghai organized a  team building activity. Around 180 staff from different departments completed two giant paintings hand in hand. Not only did the activity provide a platform for them to cooperate, but also demonstrated the importance of team work.

In order to foster team members’ understanding of responsible gaming, GEG organized a visit to Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home for 20 frontline team members. They learned about gambling disorder by playing a responsible gaming version of the board game Monopoly and attended a workshop hosted by the Mental Health Association Hong Kong on the topic of work-related stress, reminding team members that these stress can lead to gambling disorder.

Upholding the principle of “Building the Betterment for the Nation”, KWCM has been supporting numerous of major infrastructures and housing developments by providing quality construction materials. KWCM is fully committed to the greening work at Anderson Road Quarry, and by the end of July, the rehabilitation of the site will come to an end. This also marks the new chapter of Anderson Road Quarry after serving Hong Kong for more than half century.

KWCM specially arranged a staff fun day before the official handover, to express its heartfelt gratitude for the colleagues’ enormous effort over the years. Over 300 staff and their family members joined this meaningful event and witnessed the restoration of the quarry. Together with the management team, staff from KWCM formed the logo of KWCM and KWP Quarry, which symbolized the significant development of K. Wah and Anderson Road Quarry, and the promise to contribute to Hong Kong.

The Shanghai Property Business Branch of KWIH organized a fun sports day for its staff to encourage sports and exercises for health improvement. It has also been a good way to relieve the pressure of work, as well as to enhance communication and understanding among employees for stronger team cohesiveness and a greater sense of pride.

Advocating work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle, KWIH organizes K. Wah‧Free to Run activity regularly. A group of health-conscious and sporty staff go for a 3km or 5km run after work to train their physical fitness while enjoying breath-taking scenery of the Victoria Harbour at sunset. On 9 March 2017, Alex Lui, Executive Director of KWIH showed his support and cheered for the runners.

With the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle and strengthening team spirit, the Staff Social Club of GEG hosted the GEG CNY Soccer Fun Day for the fourth consecutive year. Nearly 120 team members and their families and friends, joined the event. The all-day activity consisted of four parts: the GEG CNY Soccer Cup, the GEG Executive Show Game, the GEG Soccer Carnival and Soccer Free Time. GEG will continue to organize a wide array of staff and family-oriented activities on a regular basis, so that participants can bond with their family, friends and colleagues from various GEG departments.


Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group, together with Executive Directors Alexander Lui and Paddy Lui shared the joy of the festive season with KWIH staff. Dr Lui gave out chocolate gifts to employees, while the Group’s General Manager (Hong Kong Properties) Tony Wan dressed up as Santa Claus to send Christmas presents and blessings to colleagues. KWIH staff were excited to have photos taken with Santa and sang Christmas carols together, bathed in the warmth of the festive season!

KWIH Shanghai staff participated in the “KWIH Fun Sports Day 2016” on 29 October 2016, showing much enthusiasm. Eight individual and group races were held, including ball games, cycling, rope skipping and tug of war, so as to test the contestants’ physical fitness and teamwork. Such an exciting activity provided colleagues with a platform to demonstrate their talent, build friendship and strengthen their perseverance. It was concluded with a prize presentation by the management and group photo taking. The activity successfully enriched the staff’s spare time, promoted the importance of exercise, as well as enhanced mutual trust among the team.

While fresh flowers are pleasant to the eye, preserved flowers capture the most graceful moment of blossoming flowers.
K. Wah Social Club of K. Wah International Holdings Limited organized a Preserved Flower Workshop for colleagues at the K. Wah Training and Recreation Centre during lunch time on 13 and 14 October 2016. 40 participants utilized their creativity to make unique floral decorations which brightened up the workplace!

On 9 April, K. Wah Group invited staff with cooking talents from its four core businesses to compete in the“K. Wah Master Chef 2016”. Three teams from each business gathered to show their true form, contestant teams spared no efforts to demonstrate their superior creativity and unrivalled team spirits to create wonderfully unique dishes. Finally, our heavyweighted judge panel decided the team “Michelin Number One” from KWCM won the prestigious honour of the inaugural “K. Wah Master Chef ”.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, and in compliance with government policies and measures, GEG organizes regular responsible gaming trainings and workshops for staff and the public. Recently, more than 40 GEG staff attended a training and a workshop conducted by professional speakers to encourage them to build a positive attitude towards life. Through practical cases, group discussions and role play, the attendees learnt about the symptoms of problem gambling, skills of dealing with challenging situations and assistance programmes that are available to patrons, their friends and families. The attendee, being frontline staff in majority, found the training content highly relevant to their daily work, and their capabilities were enhanced in understanding, identifying and providing assistance in problem gaming.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Galaxy Macau this year, senior management specially arranged a series of celebration activities. On 16 May 2016, GEG prepared various snacks and games and had its executives distribute snacks to team members to express their hear tfelt gratitude. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration, GEG, presented souvenirs to team members to thank for their continuous contribution and efforts.

The K. Wah Hiking Club is voluntarily formed by a group of staff who, as avid hikers, aim to advocate a healthy and happy lifestyle and promote hiking exercises. They believe in “Power of Walking”, the club’s slogan, and share the values of “health, willpower, friendship, happiness and naturalness”. The club hopes to encourage members to challenge themselves and be strong against adversities, while enhancing fellowship among colleagues.
Since its formation, the club has organized a number of trips including a six-hour 31km excursion on Chongming Island, Shanghai with 17 hikers and a 30km walk in Xishan, Suzhou with 30 hikers. Every outing has been an exciting challenge that those who stay perserverant to complete the trails will enjoy a great sense of achievement and pride.

In support of “World Challenge Day” on 25 May, 250 GEG executives and their team members took a 15-minute workout together at the Grand Ballroom of StarWorld Hotel. GEG executives demonstrated their wholehearted commitment and encouraged everyone to keep a good exercise habit in line with the Macau SAR Government’s goal of “Sports for All – Exercising for Better Health”.

KWIH Shanghai staff accepted a 1.5day media training to enrich their understanding of media landscape, crisis management and social media as well as enhances their media handling skills. Some of the participants put what they had learnt into practice through mock interviews. They reviewed their own performance from video playback and received valuable feedback from veteran trainers. By combining theory and practice, the workshop laid a solid foundation for the brand building of the company.

A 3-day training for senior management personnel of KWIH was held earlier in Shanghai, with 35 senior officers from the Hong Kong headquarters, Guangzhou office and Shanghai office participating. Tailored for K. Wah participants by Antai College of Economics & Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the session was aimed at enhancing the management expertise of the participants. Currently in its third consecutive session, KWIH senior management training typically consists of three components: crossregional
sharing, seminars and site visits. The Participants visited K. Wah’s “Azure” and other similar projects undertaken by other property developers. Through careful observation and study of the features of these development projects, such as the architecture, views, mechanical and electrical installations and fitting, it will help to improve the quality K. Wah’s product.

K. Wah Group’s US Hotel Sheraton Suites cooperated with The Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association by donating collected food, hygiene items and clothes to homeless students in Central Florida.

GEG Staff Social Club organized a family hiking day in which its staff and their family members went hiking, barbecued and connected with the nature together. On top of appreciating the stunning views during hiking, participants took part in a series of team building games which aimed to test their communication skills and teamwork. Through this event, GEG wishes to uplift the team spirit among colleagues, enhance their family bonding, as well as to promote a good work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle.

Food and Wine Pairing Workshop is one of the most popular activities in KWCM. In view of this, KWCM Social Club organized a Food and Wine Pairing Workshop II on 3 June 2016, so that more staff members can learn basic pairing skills between various kinds of wine and food, and appreciate culinary delicacy around the world.

KWCM Social Club invited Ms Irene Chan, a famous cookery blogger and an amateur cooking tutor, to host a “Rice Dumplings Making Workshop” for KWCM colleagues on 1 June 2016. Staff members learnt the skills of wrapping perfect rice dumplings, a traditional food of Tuen Ng Festival. What a fun and festive activity!

160 KWIH Shanghai staff embarked on an outward bound training at Meigu Village beneath Wuyi Mountain in Fujian. The training aimed at enhancing staff abilities in coordination, communication, cooperation, innovation together with goal and time management so that they were undaunted to take challenges and could grow with the team.
The participants were required to complete various tasks in teams at designated locations within a set time frame. Such tasks included the learning of local dialects and customs; the design and production of a creative K. Wah video commercial covering its products, philosophy and corporate culture. When the tasks were completed with collective wisdom and tireless efforts, the members came to appreciate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts in team work and hence the importance of team collaboration.

On 29 April and 27 May 2016, KWCM organized friendly football matches with HSBC and Chun Wo respectively at the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre. Demonstrating the spirit of “friendship comes first, competition the second”, the teams had a wonderful time. Friendly matches not only help build up good relationships with business partners, but also promote exercising during off-duty hours, develop good team spirit and establish a harmonious working relationship among colleagues.

KWCM Social Club organized Balloon Twisting Workshops on 28 April and 5 May 2016. Participating staff had a lot of fun there. Activities during off-duty hours not only enhance bonding among colleagues, but also help them relax and maintain a good work-life balance.

Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group, and the management, joined KWIH Chinese New Year Party on 4 February 2016. The management dressed up as the God of Fortune and sent their festive regards to all staff members.


In October 2015, Hilton Santa Clara, Hilton Boca Raton, Hilton SFO, Sheraton Orlando and Hilton Waikiki in the US hosted Halloween costume contests and pumpkin carving contests to showcase the rich creativity among the staff.

To support the International Housekeeping Week and honour the year-round behind-the-scene heroes of Housekeeping, US hotels staged the Housekeeping Appreciation Week. Hilton Dulles prepared food, games and plenty of prizes for the staff of Housekeeping Department, while Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown Hotel treated their staff with lottery scratchers, special lunch and gifts.

US hotels under the Group are committed to promoting healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Hilton Woodland Hills promoted the healthy lifestyle in its Health Fair. During the Fair, staff members enjoyed healthy food like low-fat smoothies, low-calories snacks, vegetables and fruits and shared useful exercises tips in the hope of leading a healthy life together.

KWCM Social Club invited professional lecturerto deliver a Wellness Talk: “Antioxidants and Free radicals” on 30 October 2015.She shared various types of antioxidant-rich foods and explained what free radicals are. On 26 November, KWCM Social Club organized the wellness talk: "Eat Healthy! - Cancer Prevention”. Colleagues learnt how to improve health through cancer-fighting foods. KWCM Social Club organized the "Being Happy"Wellness Talk on 17 December to equip colleagues with the concept of positivepsychology and ways to develop positive thinkingand a happier workplace.

On 11 December 2015, KWIH organized a People Development Programme Workshop, where Charles Wong, Associate Director of Corporate Affairs and Special Projects, taught the problem-solving skills and its application in the workplace.

A Leadership Workshop was organized on 11 December 2015 for the management staff from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Hong Kong. They visited the Group’s property projects and offices of TWIN PEAKS and the Octagon, and industry peer Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited’s projects like Upton in a bid to foster mutual exchange and experience-sharing of successful cases.

On 7, 14 and 21 December 2015, Team-Building Workshops were organized for senior management and staff using games so as to strengthen teamwork spirit and communication.

On 16 November 2015, KWIH invited Anyu Wang, Associate Professor of Department of Management Science, to deliver a seminar on The Logic of Innovative Business Models in the Internet Era to explain the importance of technological innovation and how to create win-win benefits for a business and its clients.

In order to enhance team spirit and encourage staff to exercise more, the Group participated in Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships and Macau International Dragon Boat Races on 20 June. K. Wah Group Dragon Boat Team formed for the first time with members from KWIH, KWCM and hotels under the Group had demonstrated strong team spirit in the competition and achieved 5th Runners-up in Men’s B Plate Final, with Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH, together with colleagues and friends cheered for them on the sports ground. GEG Dragon Boat Team also claimed the 3rd Runners-up for the Women’s Category (500m) in the races.

KWIH Shanghai organized a three-day trip in June to Qufu, Taian and Jinan in Shandong Province for fellow colleagues. While visiting numerous tourist attractions, participants built friendship among each other and strengthened team spirit.

KWCM Social Club organized sports night on 8 May for staff to exercise and find a balance from hectic work life. It also enhanced bonding between them.

KWIH organized a seminar about fine decoration on 17 April to stimulate innovative ideas is one of those initiatives. The seminar offered an overview on fine decoration workflow and the future development of residential design, which helps KWIH to set even higher standard in their properties’ decoration quality in different regions. On the same day, staff of KWIH Shanghai conducted a site visit to a top-notch property project in Changzhou of Jiangsu Province to further enhance relevant knowledge of fine decoration.

Crisis management workshop was held on 11 April in which Charles Wong, Associate Director of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, shared related precautionary measures and strategic management, as well as case studies from global enterprises.

KWIH staff learnt to make storm glass by using ingredients including camphor and potassium nitrate on 10 and 17 April.

KWIH organized a lunch and learn program on 27 March. Participants not only spent a wonderful break but also benefited from interactive videos introducing emotional intelligence.

KWIH invited Professor Lou Hetong from the Department of Accounting in Fudan University to deliver a talk on Mainland China’s VAT reform on 25 March. He analyzed the impact of the reform on developers, shared the experience of companies in pilot areas, and discussed counter measures, giving participants forward-looking insights on latest national policy, allowing them to equip for the opportunities in the property market.

KWIH Shanghai organized Spring Dinner on 3 March summarizing the accomplishments of the year and the hope for the coming one. Colleagues had an enjoyable time and demonstrated a strong team spirit at that evening.

Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group, and the management of the Group, joined KWIH Chinese New Year Party on 5 February to send their festive regards to all staff members.

To promote optimum work-life balance, KWCM held two wellness talks between February and April, introducing herbal treatment and sharing spinal health tips.

GEG actively promotes “Responsible Gambling” and organizes “Addiction and Gambling Disorder Workshop” for their frontline staff in order to enhance their relevant knowledge and equip them with skills for assisting guests in need.

With impeccable performance and team spirit, GEG’s badminton team claims championships at women’s singles and men’s singles, as well as 2nd runner-up in the group competition of Gaming Industry Labourers Sports Tournament.

KWIH Shanghai organizes leisure activities such as hiking, soccer and badminton for their staff regularly so as to enhance friendship among each other.

Hilton Waikiki Beach in the US holds 2014 Annual Employee Awards Party with a theme of Heroes and Villains. In the celebration, staff members showcase their creativity by wearing hero costumes.


KWIH held a Leadership Forum on 12 December about management skills and the four criteria for good leadership. On 17 December, the management was also invited to participate in a seminar titled Embracing transparency: Hong Kong’s corporate disclosure reforms, for a deeper understanding of the listing rules. 

KWIH organized a team building workshop on 8 November at Tai O Shaolin Wushu Centre. The management together with more than a hundred staff took the challenges in several mass games and accomplished the missions in good spirits.

In November, GEG held a year-end recognition dinner to show appreciation to staff who made efforts in volunteering work and sports activities. GEG also presented certificates to the enthusiastic volunteers, in recognition of their devotion to charities, and to the sports teams who achieved outstanding performances in races of dragon boat, basketball and football, etc.

In October, Hilton Phoenix, Hilton Dulles, Hilton SFO, The Sacramento Marriott and Sheraton Albuquerque in the US held the pumpkin carving contests and costume contests, showcasing the creativity of staff members during the Halloween.

KWCM Social Club invited staff and their families to visit the Hong Kong Geopark on 12 October. Between September and December, KWCM also held three wellness talks, introducing Enneagram of Personality, herbal treatment and body massage, aiming to achieve a balance between work and life.

KWIH staff members visited Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm on 11 October 2014 to experience the fun of farming.

KWIH organized War Game for fellow workmates on 13 September 2014. Colleagues geared up and brought into their full play of unity and cooperation spirits in the "battlefield".

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, members of the KWCM Social Club learnt to make mooncakes and shared the delicious festive baking with their families on 29 August 2014.

KWIH organized communication and advanced presentation skills workshops to enhance work efficiency on 5 and 8 August 2014. The workshops covered the techniques of conveying key messages, elaborating ideas with visual aids, and listening and responding to audience.

On 1 August and 19 September 2014, two coaching workshops were also held for KWIH senior management, aiming to share experiences of training and guiding subordinates to achieve common goals.

KWCM Social Club organized a tea appreciation class in which techniques of tea drinking and brewing are shared. All participants had an enjoyable time, tasted a wide collection of Chinese tea. 

The KWCM Social Club organized a snooker competition on 18 July 2014, where 10 colleagues teamed up for a 2-hour match and unwinded by drinking and chitchatting in the relaxing evening after a day of hard work.

KWIH introduces the People Development Programme to enhance management capability of staff in an all-rounded manner. During 9-10 July 2014, KWIH and the School of Management of Fudan University jointly organized an Advanced Management Programme on Property Industry. Through the analysis of macro-economy, policies on property sector as well as the opportunities and challenges arising from urbanization in Mainland China, the course offered an overview on the development outlook of the property industry. Besides, views were exchanged to map out the future strategy of KWIH, aided by the comparison of the operations and strategies of various property developers. Nearly 50 members of the management from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shanghai offices attended the two-day workshop, followed by tours to various property projects in Shanghai.

On 5 July 2014, KWIH held a film show, attracting over 230 colleagues and their families to enjoy the Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, Transformers: Age of Extinction (2D).

KWIH Shanghai organized a 3-day trip to Xiamen, Fujian Province, for fellow colleagues. They visited numerous tourist attractions including Wanshi Botanical Garden, Gulangyu Island, South Putuo Temple and Huandao Road. While enjoying beautiful scenery and good food, participants built friendship among each other and strengthened team spirit.

To recognize the outstanding performance of its staff, GEG held the annual award presentation ceremony of “Stars of the Year” in June 2014 at Banyan Tree Macau. Based on four major criteria namely service excellence,overall customer satisfaction, commitment to “Asian Heart” service and setting a good example for team members, GEG selected 15 “Stars of the Year” from the existing 365 “Stars of the Month” and the “Stars of the Quarter”. In addition to prizes, winners were entitled to join training programmes which enhance their professional skills and knowledge and further prepare them for career advancement.

In collaboration with Sheng Kung Hui of Macau, GEG organized The Joy Station for 800 participants, helping them develop a positive attitude. GEG also re-ran The Responsible Gaming Knowledge Quiz to further raise the staff ’s awareness of problem gambling and responsible gaming.

KWIH Shanghai Social Club has formed a hiking team, engaging staff to experience the countryside during holidays so as to promote a healthy lifestyle. On 19 April 2014, a total of 17 staff members set off at the Beihuwan Resort in Chongming Island for a 6-hour journey. Hiking in shades of green not only showcased team spirit and perseverance, but also strengthened friendship among staff.

KWIH organized the latte art interest classes in March & May 2014 respectively. A group of staff members spent an enjoyable afternoon on learning the latte art techniques and creating the Heart & Leaf latte art themselves.

GEG is keen to provide a variety of learning opportunities for its staff. Launched in 2011, GEG Leaders Program aims at offering the middle management a range of tailor-made training courses which help  enhance their management skills through prudent analysis, logic, goal setting and planning. With more than 300 participants completing the program in 2013, a certificate presentation ceremony was held at the Banyan Ballroom at Galaxy Macau™ on 27 February 2014 to acknowledge their achievements. Since the launch of the programme, a total of 450 participants have completed the training, and the “GEG Leaders Program 2014” has already commenced in mid-February.

KWIH organized the health talk of “Sleep Basics Interventions on Cognitive and Behavioral Levels” conducted by the registered psychologist on 25 February 2014. It helped the participants to understand the definition of sleep disorders, and shared with them some useful tips of enjoying a good sleep.

To enhance team bonding and promote the importance of regular exercise among its team members, GEG’s Staff Social Club hosted the Lunar New Year Soccer Cup for the first time in February. The fun-filled activity was joined by more than 100 soccer enthusiasts who were divided into nine teams to compete for the championship. Friends and families of the GEG athletes also came along and cheered on the players along the sidelines.

KWIH Hong Kong threw a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year on 27 January 2014. While enjoying their lunch buffet and participating in the lucky draw, staff were also keen to send their festive blessings to each other. Dr Lui, the Chairman, also gave a remark of the company’s achievements over the previous year and wished every member of KWIH a prosperous year of horse.

Colleagues from KWIH Guangzhou Huicheng office and KWIH Dongguan Guangyu office got together on 16 January 2014 at Grand Hyatt for the spring dinner. Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of KWIH, also came along, extending his gratitude to the staff for their hard work throughout the year and sharing his expectations for the companies in the year ahead.

KWIH Shanghai staff feasted on fabulous food and wine at the spring lunch early this year. The management reviewed the work in 2013, and celebrated with the team for their achievements. They toasted for a bright future of the company in the years to come.


KWIH initiated a team-building workshop on 14 December 2013, and 90 managerial grade staff from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dongguan offices came along to participate. During the workshop, Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH, shared the vision of excelling through prudence and innovation in her opening remark. The participants were then teamed up for group discussion and made lots of suggestions on different business operations. With an aim to cascade the message further, the team-building activity helped enhance the understanding and communication among various departments.

On 17 July, KWCM Social Club turned the Billiard House in Whampoa into a snooker competition venue where staff teamed up and enjoyed a friendly match.

KWCM Social Club organized a 3D cake class on 11 June, during which the participants made adorable and tasty 3D bear cream cakes under the tutor’s guidance.

Colleagues from KWIH Shanghai visited Thousand Island Lake in Hangzhou for its signature projects Greentown Resort Hotel and Rose Garden Resort & Spa in June. They also enjoyed a relaxing trip to the scenic spots nearby, enhancing communication among staff and fostering sense of belongings.

In response to the heat wave in Shanghai this summer, management of KWIH Shanghai visited various construction sites including Grand Summit, The Palace, Upstream Park and Zhujiajiao Project, giving away cooling items to frontline staff and reminding them the importance of occupational safety and health.

GEG held Stars of the Year award presentation ceremony in June 2013 to recognize staff members’ excellent performance based on four major criteria namely service excellence, overall customer satisfaction, commitment to “Asian Heart” service and setting a good example for team members. Each outstanding colleague is entitled to a travel package to Singapore and a cash prize. GEG also specially designed a training programme to well equip them for future career advancement.

Striving for all round optimization to enhance its competitiveness, KWIH Shanghai organized a training session on Purchasing Guidelines on 31 May. Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH and colleagues from other departments attended the training and exchanged their views from various perspectives including decorative materials, home and kitchen electrical appliances, washrooms, ceilings and public areas.

Over 200 GEG team members gathered at the Grand Ballroom of StarWorld Macau in the morning of 29 May to participate in the 2013 World Challenge Day and make new record by completing a 15-minute group exercise.

KWCM Social Club organized a latte art workshop on 24 May, inviting professional coffee tutors to demonstrate the basic skills and techniques of making latte art while explaining the importance of microfoam texture. The participants were also encouraged to share the fun of latte art through small class teaching.

To promote sustainable development through carbon emission reduction, KWCM Social Club held an Eco Tour on 21 April to let participants have a clear look of migratory birds in Mai Po Natural Reserve and experience what sustainable development is about through tour guiding, harvesting and food tasting in local organic farms.

Not long after the Chinese New Year Party, KWIH’s HR Department turned a lunch hour in April into a cuisine-sharing session, during which several dozen staff members learnt and tasted gourmets including Sesame Chicken Stew with Garlic and Mango Pudding prepared by themselves.

The KWIH Shanghai Spring Dinner held in early 2013 was filled with joy and laughter as each department put on an entertaining performance to celebrate KWIH’s 2012 achievements and wish for more successes in the year ahead.

KWCM Social Club held the annual team-building Fun Day under the theme of Fun & Care. Over 300 staff were divided into eight groups wearing colourful team tees to play games. For staff and their families, KWCM Social Club arranged to have screenings of two 3D animation movies, Wreck-it Ralph and The Croods, during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Also held was a daytrip to Ocean Park, when participants enjoyed the beauty of nature and thrilling experiences aboard the Park’s rides.

KWIH arranged training sessions on Design Guidelines in Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively, introducing principles of applying the guidelines in various aspects from market analysis, master layout plans, building structures, individual units to electrical systems, with an aim to achieving time and cost savings by gaining a better understanding of workflow in project design.

The Group and all of its subsidiaries place high priority on occupational safety and environmental protection. In early 2013, KWQ and Huidong Quarry held an HSE promotion dinner on Driving Safety with a presentation and quiz on this topic to management, staff, contractor staff and drivers. Awardees of the LOD Incentive Scheme 2012 were presented their prizes on the same occasion. Apart from that, Huidong Quarry organized HSE - Our Prime Objective, a promotional activity designed to encourage staff to pay attention to occupational safety and environmental protection issues, as well as communicate with each other.


KWIH organized the Generation Y in the Workplace workshop in February 2012 to equip managers with insights into the diversity of mindset and values among different generations, with a view to manage and develop human capital effectively.


This is year is the third year that GEG organizes the "Galaxy Got Talent" , and the reason for doing so is to give GEG team members a chance to show of their talents and promote the spread of 'social inclusion'.

Celebrating its fifth birthday, StarWorld held a two day "Long Serving Appreciation Banquet" to acknowledge the 3,000 team members who have been working with the property for the past five years.

In July, GEG organized a "Star of the Year" award presentation to acknowledge the devotion and outstanding performances of its team members. The six "Star of the Year" winners each received a certificate and gifts.

Galaxy Macau organized a pre-opening welcome party to cheer on its team members and invited Ms. Sandra Ng Kwan Yue to add on to the excitement with her surprise appearance.

GEG Staff Social Club added colours to the Mother’s Day with 8 sessions of cake making workshops in May. More than 70 staff were taught to bake a variety of cakes for the special occasion. The staff later also gave a test to their physical strength, stability and determination at the rock climbing day.

KWCM Social Club organized a squid fishing gathering for around 80 staff and their family members in May, during which they had a remarkable night with squid fishing, not to mention the scrumptious seafood meal.
KWIH organized the Baduanjin course in April and May, providing a good opportunity for staff to stretch their muscles and improve health through simple exercises. Staff and their family members and friends later enjoyed a relaxing Saturday afternoon together during the bowling day in June, practicing their bowling skills with coaching from experienced trainer.

KWIH organized a training workshop for managerial grade staff with an aim to strengthen their management skills. The participants were guided to make use of the Enneagram to understand more about themselves as well as others, learning how to accommodate people of different personalities so as to enhance cohesion and team spirit.

Offering its team members an earlier opportunity to see the giant pandas, this March, GEG organized excursions and took one thousand team members and their families to the pavilion to see the giant pandas and learn about their habitat and protection.

KWCM volunteers together with the mentees from Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong made an hour of journey through the dark at the Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition Centre in March to experience daily life of the visually impaired, and to learn to accept the differences among people.
Human Resources Department of KWIH hosted two seminars on Youth Aspirations and Essential Habits for Effective People respectively in February and March. In the former seminar, the representatives from Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre shared with the Group’s management an analysis of the Post 80s’ and 90s’ mindsets and appeals, hoping to promote communication and coordination among colleagues of different age and background. The latter seminar, aiming at junior staff, featured with group activities in a relaxing setting to highlight the importance of team work and work efficiency, while passing on the spirit of K. Wah.
KWIH Shanghai Property Division organized a special gathering exclusively for ladies on the annual International Women’s Day. While enjoying the luncheon, the ladies were more than eloquent in sharing tips on beauty, skin care, travel, health, wealth management and work-life balance.
To welcome the Year of Rabbit, staff from Corporate Office and Hong Kong Properties Division gathered for a lunchtime party in February, during which they shared a relaxing and joyful time with the delectable buffet and lucky draw session arranged by K. Wah Social Club.

K. Wah Social Club brought its staff to a wonderful trip in Hong Kong Disneyland in November.

The K. Wah Group Training and Recreational Centre was officially opened in September as an interactive platform that facilitates learning and leisure. A variety of training and hobby courses were offered, to name a few, property management training programme, ice moon cake class, lantern riddles at Mid-Autumn festival gala, yoga class, creative drawing workshop, happy fruit day, CNY daffodil planting class.

StarWorld Macau has revamped its staff canteen, the "Great Place to Eat" in order to provide better recreational and leisure facilities for staff to relax and interact while enjoying good food. The new restaurant now provides self-serviced meal area, coffee lounge, electronic-game area as well as rest area.

KWIH Shanghai Property Division held a staff gathering in Qingpu, Shanghai in summer. The staff had a nice time relaxing in natural surroundings while connecting with peers. The event helped build up a stronger sense of solidarity among the staff and allowed them to appreciate the corporate value and philosophy, fostering unity for greater success in future.
K. Wah Social Club's film appreciation activity of Toy Story 3 allowed staff to have fun with their families.

GEG awarded the "Star of The Year-2009" to six staff in recognition of their excellent performance. Tailor-made training programmes, flight and accommodation packages to Singapore were given as prizes for them to gain more exposure and to learn.

KWCM Social Club organized a spring geological exploration trip for staff and their families in March. The group toured around the Island Nature Trail and the High Island Reservoir East Dam.
KWCM Social Club arranged a movie appreciation of 3D movie AVATAR and attracted over hundred of staff and families in January.
KWIH Guangzhou Property Division visited Niuyuzui Resort in Qingyuan to explore the nature.
The day trip to Ocean Park organized by KWCM Social Club brought the staff a chance to visit the two adorable pandas Le Le and Ying Ying.
ICGS Social Club's hiking team conquered MacLehose Trail and Tung Chung trail respectively, and the trips were filled with sweat and laughter.
KWCM Social Club had a relaxing excursion to Lantau Island, including a visit to Ngong Ping Village, Tian Tan Buddha Statue, and a vegetarian meal at Po Lin Monastery.
The warm winter trip prepared by the headquarters of KWCM (Eastern China) to Nanjing Tangshan and Wuxi, provided staff with a pleasant gathering.
K. Wah Social Club spent a day at Ngong Ping to expose themselves to the picturesque scenic spots during the cable car journey, and to enjoy a tranquil moment along the walk of Wisdom Path.
In the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Table Tennis Tournament organized by KWCM Social Club, staff from the three places formed eight teams to play, and the fierce competition ended with lots of fun and laughter.
KWCM (Eastern China) Social Club organized the KWCM Cup track & field sports gala, demonstrating the team spirit and vigour in competitions.
With five Hong Kong-based property developers in Shanghai, Shanghai Property Division organized a friendly match to strengthen the relationships among staff and industry peers.
The bowling competition held by ICGS Social Club allowed some 20 staff to compete for the Championship and to enjoy a relaxing moment with cheers and applauses.
In support of work-life balance, KWCM Social Club arranged a dancing class to promote physical and mental fitness among staff.
KWCM Social Club's film appreciation activities of movies Ratatouille and Bee Movie allowed staff to have fun with their families.
K. Wah Social Club held a day trip to the Hong Kong Wetland Park. Participants not only had a chance to enjoy the nature but also learned more about the importance of wetland conservation to environmental protection.
KWCM Social Club organized a discovery excursion in Lai Chi Wo, where staff also ventured down Hoi Ha Wan to appreciate the kaleidoscopic marine life.

KWCM Social Club initiated a summer excursion to Kadoorie Farm where participants came in close contact with various creatures, and to visit the celebrity crocodile, Pui Pui, before its move to Wetland Park.Participating staff members had a close up of animal lives in Kadoorie Farm.

K. Wah Shanghai Properties Division formed the K. Wah soccer team engaging in regular practice and friendly matches to build up team spirit.

K. Wah Social Club's film appreication of Bob-B-Hood sent staff to the animation world to enjoy relaxing moments.