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The Group is committed in promoting arts and sports to enhance the cultural interaction among different communities and elevant the international image of Hong Kong as a cultural hub. In addition, the Group is also keen on advocating civic awareness by sponsoring activities of this kind.

The masterpiece of the renowned French composer Georges Bizet’s Carmen, an opera in four acts titled sponsored by K. Wah International Holdings Limited (“KWIH”) and presented by Opera Hong Kong(“OHK”) and Le French May, is now staging at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre! The classics about love, jealousy and liberty had attracted Mr and Mrs Francis Lui Yiu-tung, Deputy Chairman of K. Wah Group, Paddy Lui, Executive Director, and Oliver Lam, Chief Financial Officer of KWIH, Wong Kwai-lam, Chairman of OHK and Independent Non-executive Director of KWIH, Warren Mok, Artistic Director of OHK; as well as friends from the political, business, education and media sectors, including Professor and Mrs Lawrence Lau Juen-yee, Professor and Mrs Tsui Lap-chee, Mr and Mrs Milton Au Man-chu, Independent Non-executive Director of KWIH to enjoy the show at the theatre tonight.

Carmen, one of the most performed operas in the world, left the audience with Spanish passion, French lyricism and Bizet’s melodies lingering in ears and heart long after the show, bringing them to its feet at the curtain.

With the aim to promote staff members’ mental and physical health through exercise, GEG held the fifth Chinese New Year Soccer Fun Day at the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium. Over hundred GEG team members and their families participated and spent a joy and fun-filled day together. Four teams from Security Department of Galaxy Macau™, Engineering Department of Galaxy Macau, Organization Development & Training Department and International Premium and Mass Market Development (IPMMD) Department participated in the “GEG CNY Soccer Cup”. While GEG management members were  split into two teams for the “GEG Executive Show Game”. All teams played their very best yet valued friendship above competition, which promoted teamwork and a spirit of athleticism.


GEG once again sponsored the accommodation of the delegation of China’s Olympic medalists at Galaxy Macau™ during their stay in Macau. GEG also arranged 20 students from Escola Caritas de Macau to celebrate Christmas with the gold medalists, including Wu Minxia, the “Diving Queen” with 14 two-person diving world championships; Han Xiaopeng, China’s first FIS Freestyle World Ski Champion and Olympic Ski Champion; and Li Nina, the “Snow Princess” and three-time FIS Freestyle World Ski Champion, at Santa’s Grotto in Galaxy Macau’s East Square.

The famous Santa Ron, who has starred in Hollywood movies, TV shows, advertisements and holiday parades in the past 50 years, entertained the students and the gold medalists with Christmas stories. The group sang a number of classic Christmas songs and took photos with Santa. GEG also sent students gift packs that were purchased from the Fu Hong Society to support the development of local charitable organization.

Title sponsored by GEG, organized by Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government and General Association of Athletics of Macau, 2017 Macao Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon was successfully held on 3rd December. The course included A-Ma Temple, Sai Van Bridge, Galaxy Macau™ and other renowned landmarks and cultural heritage sites in the city, attracted around 12,000 athletes from over 50 countries to participate.

Staff from GEG also took part in the marathon and garnered  the marathon’s “Active Group Trophy” for the 13th consecutive year. “The Most Creative Costume Award” was hosted again to enliven the atmosphere of the event. In addition, the "Senior Trophy" was awarded to the eldest Marathon athlete who was an 80-year-old Hong Kong athlete completed the race within the time limit.

Title sponsored by J Metropolis, K. Wah International Holdings Limited (“KWIH”)’s Guangzhou project, and organized by the Education Bureau of People’s Government of Huadu District, “K. Wah J Metropolis Football Cup” officially kicked off on 25 November 2017. Two matches were held on the opening day. Experimental High School football team scored six goals against Jia Hui Cheng School football team. The second match was the team formed by the Education Bureau of People’s Government of Huadu District against KWIH team. The friendly competition demonstrated their determination in promoting the development of football sports in the district.

KWIH has been participating in various charitable initiatives over the years. By sponsoring this football competition, it was hoped that sports could be popularized among the schools in Huadu District while encouraging students to maintain regular exercises for good health.

Eight junior high schools and twelve primary schools are going to participate in more than forty matches in the coming six weeks. The final round and prize presentation ceremony will be held on 6 January 2018.

In 2016, K. Wah International (KWIH) donated RMB1 million to Jia Hui Cheng School for the establishment of “K. Wah Education Fund”, aimingto enrich the school curriculum, strengthen its extra-curricular activities and sports training for students. Organized by the Education Bureau of People’s Government of Huadu District and title sponsored by KWIH J Metropolis, the press conference of “K. Wah J Metropolis Football Cup” was held in J Metropolis show flat successfully on 11 November 2017. In addition to regular championship awards, “Most Valuable Player”, “Best Coach”, “Best Referee” and other awards were also established to recognize the outstanding athletes, teachers and staff. 

KWIH is pleased to devotedly support Opera Hong Kong (“OHK”) as the Title Sponsor of the premiere of Aïda, the four-act opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. KWIH has been keen in promoting and supporting the development of opera and performing arts in Hong Kong with OHK. The star-studded international casts of the show gave their best performance, bringing all the drama and pageantry of this grand opera to the stage and presenting audience with like-never-before visual and audio enjoyment.

Over 200 executives and team members from Galaxy Entertainment Group participated in the World Challenge Day on 31 May 2017. They gathered at the Grand Ballroom of JW Marriott Hotel Macau to exercise for 15 consecutive minutes to promote the healthy lifestyle with the Macau SAR Government under the theme of “Lifelong Sports”.

KWAH demonstrated strong team spirit by participating serval dragon boat competitions! This year the Group formed two teams comprising staff from KWIH and SHI with eight K. Wah ladies joining the“Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships 2017” for the first time. Apart from a team competing for men’s race, a “Mixed-gender Team” was formed to compete with others. The teams delivered outstanding performance and captured a Merit Award in the Men’s B Bronze Cup Final.

With high morale, KWCM team triumphed over the other competitors and took home a champion title in “2017 Sai Kung District Dragon Boat Racing Gala”! A mixed-gender elite team was also sent on field to complete in “Tai Po District Dragon Boat Race 2017”.

GEG received 3 awards in “Macau International Dragon Boat Race” on 27 & 28 May, “Galaxy Elegance” won the first runner up in Macau Small Dragon Boat Race 200m. “Galaxy Universe” achieved second runner up in Macau Small Dragon Boat Race – Men’s Category 200m. While “Galaxy Pearl” competed with strong rivals and won the second runner up in the Macau Standard Dragon Boat Race – Women Category 500m.

KWIH is pleased to devotedly support The Barber of Seville, OHK’s debut show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. KWIH has collaborated closely with OHK, striving to further popularize operas and performing arts to a wider community with a view to fostering Hong Kong as a vibrant and international hub for culture and arts. The show in Hong Kong has invited the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the Opera Hong Kong Chorus under the baton of conductor Roberto Gianola as well as the Hong Kong Dance Company led by renowned choreographer Luciano Cannito, to add an aura of modernity and splendidness to the classic, bringing an exceptionally new experience to the audience.

Flowers were blooming and there was a spring in everyone’s step at Galaxy Macau! Macau’s sophisticated shopping destination The Promenade Shops at Galaxy Macau™ was poised for “A Beautiful Spring” – completed with one-of-a-kind items to shop; floral-themed art, décor and F&B; and an exclusive collaboration with T Galleria Beauty by DFS offered creative and personalized shopping opportunities.

Passionate local Macau artists created a six-meter wide live canvas painting over seven days, a new live painting took shape each week during the six-week campaign!


KWIH is pleased to devotedly support OHK as the Title Sponsor of 14 October performance of Otello, a new production of one of the four tragedies of Shakespeare, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death. The Group invited guests from the commercial and financial sectors as well as the media industry to enjoy this much anticipated opera adaptation, with an aim to further promote the appreciation of opera to a wider community in Hong Kong through this world-class performance. Otello, an opera in four acts presented by OHK, was performed for four days from 13 to 16 October at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Regarded as Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi’s most dramatic musical masterpiece, Otello is also widely acclaimed by music critics as “the finest of Italian opera librettos”. The powerful music of Verdi and the finest costumes and props produced by Teatro dell’Opera di Roma present a vivid portrayal of the characters and create an unprecedented sensation.

ICGS plays host to China’s Olympic Gold Medallists in Hong Kong China’s Olympics Gold Medallists visited Hong Kong from 27 to 29 August 2016. During a three-day courtesy visit to the city, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong (“ICGS”) played host to the delegation. A press conference of the delegation was held in ICGS soon after their arrival, attracting great turnout from the media.
K. Wah Group feels great honoured that the delegation has chosen to stay in ICGS for the third time after the Olympic Games since Hong Kong’s handover to China. The Group hopes doing so would help promote sports activities and pay tribute to athletes’ perseverance.
After that, the delegation continued their courtesy visit in Macau. During their stay, they receive "World Class, Asian Heart" hospitality at Galaxy Macau™ under K. Wah Group.

After three weeks of intensive vocal and drama training conducted by professional coaches, students of Opera Hong Kong Summer School showed what they had learnt by starring at the final performance Into the Woods JR. on 5 & 6 August 2016, supported by K. Wah International Holdings as the title sponsor and honorary patron. Many K. Wah staff enjoyed this famous Broadway musical work of Stephen Sondheim with their children, relatives and friends and showed their support to these young talents.
The Summer School not only offers participants an unforgettable experience to appreciate opera during the summer vacation, but it also enhances their creativity, expression skills and aesthetic perceptions towards opera.

K. Wah Group formed a dragon boat team to take part in the annual “Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships 2016” held at Stanley Main Beach on 9 June 2016, aiming to encourage staff to embrace regular exercise as a choice in leading a healthy lifestyle, enhance workplace cohesion and create a harmonious and delightful work atmosphere. The Group also welcomed participation of family members and friends of its staff to celebrate the fun-filled Dragon Boat Festival together.

As the Honorary Patron of Opera Hong Kong (“OHK”), KWIH proudly supported OHK and Le French May to co-present Roméo et Juliette, a renowned opera in five acts based on William Shakespeare's tragedy in Hong Kong from 27 to 29 May 2016, and invited its business partners, staff, and their friends and relatives to enjoy this everlasting classic.
The introduction of this widely acclaimed world-class opera aims at promoting opera in Hong Kong to a broader audience, enhancing the cosmopolitan image of the city and providing a valuable opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and performance for outstanding local artists, ultimately sustaining the values of local arts.

The “Flying High” exhibition at The Promenade Shops of Galaxy Macau™ showed artisanship, colour and tradition from Weifang, Shandong Province to Macau. Visitors could experience China’s rich history of craftsmanship and artistry by exploring close to 60 kites. Key highlights included the Chinese Dragon kite, winner of the Weifang International Kite Festival’s award for most innovative giant kite, and the elegant Phoenix embroiled within the mighty Dragon’s tail at the Pearl Lobby, brought auspicious blessings to visitors.

In support of the World Challenge Day, 250 executives and team members of GEG convened at the ballroom of StarWorld Hotel on 25 May 2016 to exercise for 15 consecutive minutes, advocating a healthy and active lifestyle.

On 14 May 2016, KWCM dragon boat team took part in the Small Boat Men’s Division in the 11th Stanley Dragon Boat Warm Up Races. The paddlers did their best in the exciting contest and demonstrated strong team spirit.


Bringing along the Asian sights, sounds and tastes to Macau, the opening of Broadway MacauTM in May last year became a new attraction for guests to experience and enjoy world-class entertainment and leisure facilities just at one-stop. A delegation of gold medalists including gymnasts Li Ning, Yang Wei, Chen Yibing, Li Shanshan, Li Xiaoshuang; volleyball players Zhao Ruirui, Zhang Ping visited Macau recently. Warmly welcomed by the Head of Youth Committee of Sports and Olympic Committee of Macau, China, Carson Ma and GEG, the medalists stayed in Galaxy Macau and enjoyed the delicious food and exuberant performance in the Broadway.

To uphold its commitment towards “Building the Future with Passion” and give active support of recreational and sporting programmes as part of its corporate social responsibility
amid its 60th Anniversary, K. Wah Group acted as the Principal Sponsor of UNICEF Charity Run 2015 with a donation of HK$2 million last year, while its subsidiary GEG also acted as a title sponsor for Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon for the 12th year in a row. Charity campaigns in the form of recreational and sports activities provide an effective means for wider participation, through which K. Wah aims not only to enhance the sense of belonging among its staff, but also to strengthen positive energy in the community to foster harmony.

KWIH sponsored Tosca, a three-act opera co-produced by Opera Hong Kong and Taormina Opera Festival, Italy, in October, bringing a world-class opera to Hong Kong again. The show, starring world’s leading sopranos Hui He and Svetla Vassileva together with China’s three tenors Warren Mok, Dai Yuqiang and Wei Song. KWIH hopes the show would offer valuable cross-cultural exchange and performing opportunities for talented local artists.

KWIH sponsored the performance of a three-act operetta The Land of Smiles, co-produced by Opera Hong Kong and Theatre Erfurt on 8 May, bringing in another world-class opera to Hong Kong again. The performance not only enhanced the appreciation of opera in the city, but it also promoted arts development by offering local musical talents a valuable opportunity to perform with international counterparts. 


GEG supported Olympic Gold Medalists Macau’s Series Activities – Energetic Visit and welcomed a delegation of Olympic gold medalists, including gymnasts Li Xiao Peng and Liu Xuan, divers He Chong, Wu Minxia and Zhou Jihong at Galaxy Macau™ on 12 December, serving them with “Asian Heart”.

In collaboration with Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, GEG organized Grand Resort Deck Uniform Design Competition in December 2014. The winning designs showcased an energetic and modern style which blends well with the ambience of the Deck.

This year marks the eleventh consecutive year for GEG to be the title sponsor of Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon. The event was held on 7 December, attracting 6,000 running enthusiasts from local and overseas regions to participate. GEG staff showed full support to the event, and garnered the Marathon’s Group Trophy for the tenth year.

On 5 November, GEG collaborated with Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office to organize the first-ever mountain race, Run for Fun, encouraging staff to enjoy the nature and strengthening the ties between departments. Over 200 staff members and the cheerleading teams participated in the competition and demonstrated strong team spirits.

KWIH constantly seeks the opportunities to deliver impactful and meaningful programmes that help promote arts to a larger community and build a vibrant city. On 10 Oct 2014, KWIH sponsored Salome, an opera masterpiece by Strauss, and invited nearly a hundred guests from business sectors and staff members to enjoy the show. Jointly presented by Opera Hong Kong and LCSD, Salome is considered one of the definitive works in music history. 

GEG has sponsored the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix™ for 10 consecutive years and Galaxy Macau™ acted as the official hotel for the fourth year, offering the warmest hospitality to the visiting athletes. This year, the tournament took place from 15 to 17 August 2014 at the Macau Forum. GEG continued to host the “My Favourite Galaxy Star Player” award for spectators to cast their votes for their favourite players. 

KWCM sponsored the Dragon Boat Carnival in Sai Kung and participated in the competition on 2 June 2014. The team showcased their teamwork and sportsmanship during the race, with colleagues cheering along the way.

KWIH sponsored the opera fantastique Faust on 9 May 2014,  co-presented by Opera Hong Kong and Le French May. The showcase of the world-class opera helped promote the unique art form to the community and cultivate the art scene. Guests from the business sector and staff members were invited to the evening cocktail and enjoyed the excellent performance.


Becoming the title sponsor of Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon for the tenth consecutive year in 2013, the event brought together 6,000 local and overseas running enthusiasts. Meanwhile, GEG runners won the Marathon’s Group trophy for the ninth consecutive year with record high staff participation.

Sponsored by KWIH, Opera Hong Kong held its 2013 Summer School with a graduation performance of The Magic Flute by more than 150 children at Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre on 17 and 18 August. Participants of the Summer School went through a three-week vocal and drama training session and took part in a professional opera production.

This year is not just the ninth consecutive year for GEG to sponsor the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix™ Macau, but is also the fifth time for GEG to host My Favorite Galaxy Star Player award. The event took place from 2 to 4 August at the Macau Forum. As the official hotel for the third year, Galaxy Hotel offered its warmest hospitality to the visiting athletes.

As an Honorary Patron of Opera Hong Kong, KWIH sponsors The Tales of Hoffmann, an opera fantastique co-presented by Opera Hong Kong and Le French May at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 24 May 2013. Over 100 guests, staff members and their families were invited to the performance.


KWIH donated HK$10 million to Opera Hong Kong to expand its education and outreach programmes with the aim of raising public awareness and appreciation of opera and other performing arts, to help make Hong Kong a more cosmopolitan and culturally rich city.

In 2012, GEG became the ninth title-sponsor of Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon, which attracted over 6,000 participants including 500 GEG staff members. Demonstrating exceptional team spirit and enthusiasm, GEG runners took home the Group Trophy for the eighth time.

GEG is sponsoring the FIVB Volleyball World Grand PrixTM Macau 2012 for the 8th year running. Meanwhile, Galaxy HotelTM of Galaxy MacauTM once again became the official hotel for the China Women’s National Volleyball Team to provide the players with comfort and superb hospitality. Capitalizing on the occasion, GEG offered youngsters of Sheng Kung Hui Star of Hope Youth Home an exclusive opportunity to meet with the players and share views and experiences.

KWIH is proud to be the title sponsor of The Chinese Orphan, which made its debut in Hong Kong at the iconic Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre on 24 March 2012. This splendid event is produced by National Centre for the Performing Arts of China and presented by Opera Hong Kong. KWIH is keen on supporting collaboration between Hong Kong and Mainland China in art and culture. As the title sponsor of The Chinese Orphan, the Group hopes to promote this distinctive art form to the community, manifesting Hong Kong’s stature as an international cosmopolitan city.


This year marks the 8th consecutive year of GEG’s title sponsorship of the "2011 Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon" . This year’s marathon attracted 6,000 participants, including local and overseas athletes and 385 GEG team members.

This year marks the 7th consecutive year of title sponsoring the "Macau Galaxy Entertainment FIVB World Grand Prix" and the second time that the World Championship Finals are held in Macau.

Sponsored by K. Wah Group, the classical play The Three Families Alley performed in Shanghai Oriental Art Centre in June. It was well received by more than 600 invited guests from academia, professionals and cultural groups. The sponsorship aimed at nourishing the public’s understanding of this traditional Chinese art performance to people from all walks of life.

A walking team of 4 members from K. Wah Social Club joined MTR Race Walking in April. They started their 4 x 100m relay on Chater Road, Central, to demonstrate the health benefits of walking. The fund raised will be sent to Hospital Authority Health InfoWorld to support its work on disease prevention and health education.

GEG donated MOP3 million for the sixth title sponsorship of the Macau Galaxy Entertainment FIVB World Grand Prix.

Senior management and staff from GEG supported World Challenge Day on 27 May by completing 15 minutes aerobic exercise and beat its rival city, Sorocaba of Brazil.

GEG's dragon boat teams demonstrated their ability at Macau International Dragon Boat Races with seven awards pocketed, including three runner ups.

KWIH Shanghai Property Division and Jingan District Tennis Association jointly organized the 2010 Shanghai Jingan-Zhabei-Xuhui-K.Wah Tennis tournament cum spring appreciation party for the good sake of promoting green and healthy living.

GEG has been the title sponsor of Macau GEG International Marathon for seven successive years since 2004 in support of sport development in Macau. Collaboratively, GEG had its StarWorld Macau as the official hotel for the athletes and mustered 300 staff members in the racing track in December. Besides, a writing contest was organized with a view to instill the marathon spirits among youngsters.


GEG has been the title sponsor of International Marathon for six consecutive years since 2004 in support of sport development in Macau. This year, GEG led a team of 180 staff to participate in the 28th Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon and won the "Public and Private Entities Group Trophy" for the fifth time.

GEG's dragon boat teams clinched two gold and two bronze medals in the 5th Nanning China International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament and won the championship and the second runner-up in Macau International Dragon Boat Races.
Francis Lui, Deputy Chairman of GEG, was one of the torchbearers of the Olympic Torch in Macau in May 2008. More than 250 GEG staff cheered him on as he ran pass StarWorld Hotel and Casino.
GEG promoted the importance of regular exercise in the International Challenge Day 2008 on 28 May by encouraging its staff to perform 15-minute stretching exercise.
K. Wah Group, InterContinental Grand Stanford and Stanford Hillview Hotel jointly became title sponsors of the classic opera AΪDA, aiming at promoting opera to all walks of life and enhancing Hong Kong's international image of performing arts.

K. Wah Social Club members joined "Hong Kong O! Day", a fund-raising event organized by the Salvation Army, to help the needy.

KWIH solely sponsored the Election of 2007 Top Ten Events of HKSAR Government Administration with a sponsorship up to HK$1.5 million, with a view to promoting public civic awareness.
Shanghai Property Division of KWIH, the Administration of Sports of Jingan District and Zhabei District in Shanghai jointly organized a tennis friendly match in 2007.
GEG became the title sponsor of Sino-Australian Basketball Challenge where Yao Ming, an NBA superstar, played against Melbourne Tigers.
The Group was the title sponsor of the 2006 K. Wah Group UIAA Climbing World Cup, Jingan Shanghai with a sponsorship of RMB2 million.
Shanghai Property Division of KWIH and the Administration of Sports of Jingan District in Shanghai co-organized table tennis friendly match.
The first Fudan – K. Wah Centenary Cup, a golf tournament, was to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Fudan University and enhance the relationship between the Group and Fudan.
K. Wah Group was the sponsor of the Turnadot Finale, a highly reputable opera, in an effort of promoting art to all walks of life.
The Group sponsored Lion's Club Chinese opera charity show, with an aim of promoting Chinese opera to the public.

In commemoration of the Year of France in China, Shanghai K. Wah Centre unveiled a permanent display of the paintings and sculpture "L'Esprit du Temps (The Spirit of Time)" of Richard Texier, a renowned contemporary French artist, with an aim of reinforcing cultural exchange between the East and the West.Richard Texier's sculpture "L'Esprit du Temps (The Spirit of Time)" hosted in the square of Shanghai K.Wah Centre.

K. Wah Group was the title sponsor of the annual new year concert by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra – K. Wah 50th Anniversary New Year's Gala. The event was a celebration of the Group's anniversary, and a boost to the local arts development.

The Group showed its support in cultural development by sponsoring the K. Wah Enchanting Music Night operetta in Shanghai.

Sponsored by K. Wah Group, the K. Wah Enchanting Music Night, a concert performed by the renowned Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Chen Xieyang, was an occasion to promote music exchanges.