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Committed to its corporate social responsibility, K. Wah Group is a keen supporter of environmental protection by implementing green management and participating in different environmental activities. Businesses like construction materials and hospitality are devoted to energy conservation and better resources utilization. The Group also cooperates with universities in search of innovative green solutions. Experiences in protecting the environment are shared among young generation, with an effort to cultivate an environment for sustainable development.

In support of the environmental policies of the Macau SAR Government and the global effort to protect the environment, as well as to help realize the vision of “Building a Low Carbon Macao, Creating Green Living Together” proposed in “Macao's Environmental Protection Conceptual Planning (2010-2020)”, GEG  introduced its first electric buses in late 2017. Recently, GEG’s electric buses are officially put into service carrying visitors on its Border Gate route after several months of performance assessment and trial operations. Compared with diesel-powered buses, GEG’s electric buses are propelled solely by electric motors, which are energy efficient and produce zero emissions with little noise. GEG plans to progressively increase the number of  its electric bus in order to further contribute to the improvement of roadside air quality for the community.

Through implementing a series of high-standard energy-saving measures at its facilities and offering conservation guidance to team members and guests, StarWorld Hotel, a member of GEG, has been awarded the ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certification, which recognizes GEG’s efforts in promoting environmental sustainability.

StarWorld Hotel has embedded environmental protection into its daily operations with multi-pronged conservation measures, including the upgrading of lighting systems and the installation of recycled cooling water systems, which saved 3.77 million kWh of electricity and over 110,000 liters of water in 2017. The hotel has also been working with its suppliers to use advanced food waste machine with biological degradation technology in order to process food waste into useful materials. Additionally, recycling bins are placed at sites across the property, and the hotel offers environmental training for team members and encourages guests to conserve resources.  As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG vows to continue its efforts by implementing new energy efficiency programmes to protect the environment.

GEG’s flagship property Broadway Macau™ participated for the first time in the Macau Energy Saving Contest, co-organized by the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector and Companhia de Electricidade de Macau, and won two of the highest recognitions namely the Hotel Group B Championship and the Energy Saving Concept Award. By adopting a series of energy-saving measures, include adopting a smart lighting system and temperature control system, optimizing central air conditioning system and refrigeration equipment etc., Broadway Macau™ was able to reduce energy consumption significantly. Car park smart lighting system, optimized central air conditioning system and high-efficiency kitchen refrigeration facility have reduced energy consumption by over 80%, 40% and 30% respectively.

StarWorld Hotel also won the Continuous Energy Saving Award and the Excellence Award for the fourth consecutive year, highlighting GEG’s outstanding performance on energy conservation and carbon reduction. With the aim to promote energy conservation and sustainable development proactively, GEG has also established an Environmental Committee and an Energy Management Committee to provide regular talks and training courses to promote energy conservation and environment protection to GEG team members.

KWCM always takes environmental issues seriously and strives to contribute to environmental conservation. K. Wah Construction Materials (HK) Ltd. has participated in the Green Office and Eco-Healthy Workplace Awards Labeling Scheme organized by World Green Organization and sent representatives to attend trainings in responsible management education to understand sustainable development initiatives. Its headquarter was also awarded with the Wastewi$e Certificate of Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification by Environmental Campaign Committee as a recognition to the company’s effort in adopting green initiatives like waste reduction and recycling. KWP Quarry Co. Ltd. has also signed the Charter on External Lighting with Environmental Bureau and was awarded with the Platinum Award in recognition of abiding by the requirement to switch off external lighting installations from 11 pm to 7 am for decoration and promotion purposes and hence to reduce energy wastage and light nuisance, as well as provide residents a better living community.

KWIH sponsors the “Walk for The Green Earth 2018” to promote a non-wasteful green lifestyle. K. Wah colleagues and their associates also formed a corporate team to join this green walk. While enjoying the magic moment from daylight to sunset and the starry night sky, participants also got a chance to rethink about different environmental problems behind the city lights. Everyone managed to finish the night walk with cheers and was proud to render full support to this eco-friendly initiative!


In support of the annual Tree Plantation Day, the management and staff of KWIH and the J. Metropolis project joined the teachers, students and parents of J. Metropolis School in a charitable tree planting activity on 10 March 2016. Osmanthus treelings were being planted and greetings cards with well-wishing and inspirational messages for the students were hung on the small trees. The initiative was also symbolic of J. Metropolis School’s effort to inspire and educate people to become virtuous as well as skilled members of the society.

J. Metropolis is a major project of KWIH Group in Huadu. In line with its pursuit of excellence in quality, the Group has invested RMB100 million to build the J. Metropolis School alongside the residential complex, in order to provide students with a quality schooling environment in a well-equipped campus.

Are you aware that more than 3,000 tonnes of food waste is dumped into landfills in Hong Kong every day?
K. Wah Construction Materials (KWCM) does not only produce environmentally friendly construction materials products, the company also advocates sustainability in the community. In support of Food Angel, a food rescue and food assistance programme launched by Bo Charity Foundation with the mission of “Waste Not, Hunger Not”, KWCM volunteers visited a kitchen in Sham Shui Po on 19 April 2017 to assist in the processing of edible surplus vegetables and the preparation of hot meals for low-income families and other people in need. KWCM volunteers are proud that they have helped alleviate the burden of landfill spaces by reducing food waste, and showed their care to the needy through this meaningful activity.

KWIH sponsored the "Walk for The Green Earth - Night Walk at Tai Mo Shan 2017" to support low-carbon green life. K. Wah colleagues and their associates formed a corporate team to join this activity on 25 February 2017. While they were walking and talking leisurely along the hill path, they felt excited to watch the beauty of the country park from daylight to sunset. Finally, they managed to finish the experience walk in two hours with cheers and were proud to have given their support to the eco-friendly initiative!


As a member of COOL Corporate of Friends of the Earth, KWIH continues to be a good citizen and improve its environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

To promote food waste reduction, KWCM Social Club organized a Food Rescue Campaign during the Chinese New Year and encouraged staff to donate surplus food. Staff members actively engaged in the campaign and donated 28.3 kg of food to Food Angel, a food rescue and assistance program implemented by Bo Charity Foundation Limited.

The problems of water shortage, drought and extreme weather incidents caused by climatic change have attracted global attention. In order to promote environmental awareness, K. Wah Group’s hotels in the US supported Earth Hour organized by WWF on 19 March in various ways and Earth Day on 22 April.


To support the World Water Week in August 2015, Hilton Boca Raton Suites, an US hotel of K. Wah Group, launched a series of save water activities with a view to achieving the balance between environment, society and the economy. During the week, housekeepers collected the unfinished bottles of water for watering the plants in the Atrium.

In order to raise the awareness of global warming, K. Wah Group’s hotels in the US had participated Earth Hour organized by World Wide Fund and switched off non-essential lightings and electronic appliances for an hour on 28 March at 8:30pm. Sheraton Suites Orlando lighted candles, gave out bracelets and necklaces that glow in the dark. Hilton SFO served special low carbon meals for the evening. Staff in Sheraton Albuquerque and Hilton Dulles also supported this initiative for environmental protection.

KWIH (Hong Kong Properties), known for its exquisite yet environmentally friendly properties, sent four members to join the 22nd Green Power Hike on 7 February. They participated in the 10km Property Management Cup, a walkathon kicked off at Aberdeen Country Park. Donation raised from the event will be used to support local environmental education for building a greener future.


As the Saturn Partner of Friends of the Earth for three consecutive years, KWIH continues to incorporate environmentally-friendly features into its daily operations and project developments to promote sustainable development and green living.  

KWIH Social Club volunteers participated in the Tree Planting Challenge 2014 organized by Friends of the Earth (HK). During the day, a group of enthusiastic volunteers got together at Ma On Shan Country Park and teamed up for tree-planting on the hill. They planted 120 trees under the hot weather, helping to conserve natural vegetation and reduce carbon footprint.


KWCM joined the second phase of the Hong Chi Jockey Club Glass Bottle Recycling Project by mixing recycled glass with other materials to produce trans glass pavers.

ICGS and Sheraton ABQ Uptown participated in WWF’s Earth Hour by encouraging staff and guests to switch off lights for an hour to help reduce energy consumption.

KWIH has become a Saturn Partner of Friends of the Earth for the second year by cultivating a green workplace through energy-saving and waste reduction. In recognition of our long record of care for staff, community and environmental protection, KWIH was named a Caring Company by The Hong Kong Council of Social Services in 2012.


KWCM staff held a Tree Planting Day in its quarry in Huidong to green the environment and to share planting fun.

KWCM volunteers visited Hong Chi Association and joined hands with the students to rebuild their Green Garden in Fanling for a brand new look with shades of green.

The Hilton SFO’s Blue Energy Committee took part in the annual Burlingame Bayfront Clean Up Event.

KWIH has signed up for the Earth Partner programme organized by Friends of the Earth (HK), under which management and staff will lend themselves to various initiatives in environmental protection. In support of the programme which was launched on Earth Day 22 April under the theme of Greenability 360°, KWIH has introduced an Electronic Product Recycling Campaign to collect unwanted computer products and inkjet cartridges and pass to charity organizations for recycling purpose. Internal communications through electronic means, in lieu of printed copies, are also being encouraged. Employees are urged to turn off unused lights and computer monitors during lunch hours as part of the efforts to build a green office environment.

As a pioneer in Hong Kong for green hospitality, ICGS participated again in the Green Power Hike fund raising walkathon in 2012, in hopes of raising public awareness on environmental protection.

As an avid green supporter, KWCM participated in Sedan Chair Race organized by Matilda International Hospital by using recycled materials to make sedan chair and music instruments.

Dressed in military uniforms, the team members promote the importance of environment protection with the slogan of “Let’s go green, save the Earth”.

KWCM collaborated with EcoVision by participating in the Hong Kong International Coastal Cleanup Challenge while organizing a Green Fun Day at the Tai Po Cement Plant. Over 300 staff, dressed in team tees and divided into 16 groups, worked hand in hand to clean up Tai Po Sha Lan Tan in an effort to raise the awareness of marine conservation.


GEG supports environment and energy protection by taking part in the "Lights off 1 Hour" and "Dress Light, Dress Right" events hosted by the Macau SAR Office for the Development of the Energy Sector.

Being part of the IHG global event ‘Responsible Business Week’, ICGS participated in International Coastal Cleanup 2011 Hong Kong campaign and organized tree planting with Hong Kong Green Nature Union (HKGNU) to preserve and respect the nature.

Hilton Charlotte Center City launched a Be Green Team to meet every month to launch initiatives to conserve energy, reduce waste, monitor recycling and be environmentally conscious.
KWCM made a greener Anderson Road Quarry with collaborative efforts from seinor management and staff. The group enjoyed the fun in planting 120 saplings around the site in April, and received potted plants as souvenirs to echo the message of environmental protection.
Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront participated in Earth Hour by dimming or turned off the lights in the lobby, restaurant, bar and lounge, the heart of the house areas and outdoor lighting for an hour. Answering the calling of hotel, many guests also participated in supporting the commitment to global sustainability.

GEG supported World Wide Fund’s Earth Hour campaign for three consecutive years. StarWorld Macau, Galaxy MacauTM and the four city clubs switched off the non-essential lights at building exteriors to show their concern in sustainable development.

ICGS joined the 18th Green Power Hike to raise funds to realize a green future in January. In addition, ICGS also encouraged its staff and guests to participate in WWF’s event Earth Hour by turning off lights for one hour on 26 March, not only to save energy, but also to consume wisely.

In June, StarWorld Hotel & Casino participated in "Lights-off 1 Hour" organized by the Macau SAR Office for the Development of the Energy Sector by switching off all inessential lighting on the building exteriors to optimize energy consumption.

Doubletree Guest Suites Phoenix actively responded to the call of Earth Hour organized by World Wildlife Fund in May. The team did not only shut off as many lights as possible during the hour, but also gave guests logoed reusable shopping bags to further promote the great cause.

ICGS staff participated in International Coastal Cleanup 2010 Hong Kong campaign to demonstrate their support to a greener and cleaner environment.

In April, KWCM joined hands with Environmental Protection Department and Hong Chi Association to further promote glass recycling in community. Disposed glass bottles, collected by members of Hong Chi Association from residential and commercial buildings, will be passed to KWCM for remanufacturing into environment-friendly glass pavers to support various infrastructure constructions.

To ensure a sustainable future, US hotels have started their own in house recycling programme and used green chemical for laundry.
KWIH Guangzhou Property Division took part in tree planting activities in Maanshan Park, Huadu District and Baiyun District in Guangzhou, aiming at creating a greener environment for future.
KWCM walked the talk of green policy by using green asphalt rubber which consisted of bitumen blended with rubber powder derived from scrap tyres to pave a road at Eco Park in Tuen Mun.
ICGS planted 250 seedlings in the Tree Planting Challenge initiated by Friends of the Earth, in order to enhance public eco-awareness.
Joining hands with Ning Po No.2 College, KWCM Social Club conducted a workshop themed "Cultivating a Green Generation" for students who could have a chance to visit the Group's quarry at Anderson Road and attended seminars about the application of environmental technology and management.
After receiving training in the Marine Park Ambassador Scheme organized by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, some members of KWCM Social Club were appointed as ambassadors to encourage public involvement in marine conservation.
In collaboration with Po Leung Kuk, KWCM gave two environmental workshops to share the green messages, such as waste reduction, reuse and recycling to a group of young children.