Member Companies & Projects
K. Wah Group spares no efforts in contributing to the sustainable development of the communities in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Group has been playing an active role in various large scale charity activities, making donations, and also encouraging its staff to volunteer in social services, to spread love and care to those in need.

GEG supported the iconic beach music festival HUSH!! Full Music again this year and is proud to be the exclusive title supporter of the newly introduced HUSH!! GEG Silent Disco. With the aim to help build a diverse, equal and inclusive society, the GEG Volunteer Team invited over 50 people including members of the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind of Macau’s Holy House of Mercy and local teenagers to the party. Silent disco is a new dance party trend intending to avoid causing noise nuisance while bringing people together on the dance floor. Attendees dance to music played through personal headphones rather than speakers.


This year, GEG, together with the Macau Management Association, organized the seventh GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”) to broaden young talents’ horizons and lay a solid foundation for their future development through a series of workshops, seminars, experience camps and study tours. Recently, YAP held its two-day team building and leadership camp in Zhuhai’s first “Community Supported Agriculture” organic farm. Participants were introduced to the business model and were able to reflect the relationship between personal and enterprise development, market economy progression and sustainable community during the camp. In addition, YAP also organized “The Galaxy Macau Game Day” to promote participants’ strategic management and resource allocation abilities. Since the launch in 2001, over 2,600 young people aged between 18 and 29 have participated and YAP has been nurturing talents for the community with the aim to support Macau SAR Government’s development strategy of “letting Macau thrive through education”.

As Chinese New Year approaches, GEG held its Pre-Chinese New Year Celebration for the elderly at Broadway MacauTM, inviting nearly hundred elderly of organizations under Caritas Macau to enjoy afternoon tea at the one Michelin star restaurant Xin Dau Ji, followed by the spectacular variety show "Viva La Broadway". After the show, the GEG volunteers gave gift packs to the participants, which included Chinese festive puddings, homemade scarves knitted by GEG employees and daily necessities.


To support the “Bringing Joy and Love to Children at Christmas” campaign, which was co-organized by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (“IACM”) and varies charity associations, GEG hosted more than hundred youngsters from the Sheng Kung Hui “Star of Hope” Youth Home, Escola D. Luis Versiglia, Centro Residencial “Arco-Iris”, and the ‘Mong-Ha’ Children and Youth Home to UA Galaxy Cinemas, Macau's largest 3D cinema complex, to watch the latest animated blockbuster movie. With the aim of delivering warmth and festive blessings to children in need, GEG has been supporting this campaign for eight consecutive years and has also donated MOP10,000 to purchase Christmas gifts for needy children and support emergency aid programs for children in other regions earlier this year.

GEG proactively supports the charitable work of various social service organizations in Macau. In 2017, GEG supported the Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society’s community services with a donation of MOP2.3 million, which included its regular annual donation of MOP500,000 and a special donation of MOP1.8 million to repair the Tung Sin Tong Historical Archives Exhibition Hall after the sustained damage from Typhoon Hato.

“Being one of the charitable associations in Macau with the longest history, Tung Sin Tong has for years been sparing no effort in providing support and medical care services to the poor and needy. The association also works to preserve historical records of the development of charitable work in China. However, the Historical Archive Exhibition Hall was damaged during Typhoon Hato, which is why GEG hopes to support the quick recovery of the Hall with this donation so that the precious history and historical artifacts can be displayed to the public and promote the spirit of goodwill,” Mr. Francis Lui, the Vice Chairman of GEG, said.

GEG regularly organizes a variety of volunteer activities to benefit senior citizens. The GEG volunteer team recently spent a joyful afternoon with 45 elderly members of Asilo de Felicidade. One of the volunteers prepared magic tricks to entertain the seniors, who were captivated by the performance. They also played games, sang classic songs together with seniors and created a lively atmosphere. All elderlies have received gift bags filled with daily necessities prepared by volunteers and  expressed their gratitude for the laughter and good wishes the volunteers brought.

GEG organized a group of team members to visit the Macao Catholic Family Advisory Council in the hope of increasing team members’ awareness of the link between family harmony and responsible gaming. Team members learned more about the association’s family education and counselling services for addressing gambling disorder through different types of activities. GEG also made a donation of MOP60,000 to the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home in supporting the organizations’ work. The donation will  be used to promote responsible gaming and improve gaming employees’ health and family harmony. The association hopes to maintain  close communication and cooperation with GEG in order to raise public awareness toward responsible gaming, and provide assistance to gaming employees in need.

ICGS held the “Let's pedal to make a difference” campaign for IHG Foundation Week in September.  120 hotel staff members and hotel guests completed the pedaling relay from dawn till dusk for five consecutive days, totaling a distance of 1400km. The fund raised in this event will be donated to Sichuan Province Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. 

GEG donated MOP200,000 to support Caritas Macau at its annual charity bazaar, marking the seventh year of cooperation between the two organizations. In addition, 40 GEG volunteers set up a game booth at the fundraising event, and donated all proceeds raised from the booth to Caritas Macau. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Trevor Martin, Director of Human Resources and Administration of GEG, presented the cheque to Mr. Pun Chi Meng, Secretary General of Caritas Macau. The donation will be  used to support Caritas Macau’s charitable work and social services.

After the Typhoon Hato, the GEG Foundation has provided funding assistance to over 20 non-profit organizations, including a donation of MOP300,000 to the Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau (“AJVM”) to assist households in the badly-affected areas of Coloane, S. Lourenço and Rua de Cinco de Outubro. Representatives from GEG Foundation visited AJVM and discussed Macau’s post-typhoon relief efforts and daily social service work.

AJVM stated that they have used GEG’s donation to repair and purchase emergency commodities and electrical appliances for over 50 families that were affected by the typhoon. Additionally, the association arranged social workers to offer counselling services to affected residents. Mr. William Yiu, Executive Director of the GEG Foundation, said that GEG is committed to serving Macau’s communities and has given a hand to different social services and charitable organizations after the typhoon and is glad that the  donations were able to allow AJVM, to take immediate action to help in particular those households.

AJVM is a major non-profit volunteer group in Macau, organizing volunteers to participate in different types of social service work. GEG has been in close contact with the association, and supporting its One Day Volunteer activity every year since 2011 to engage GEG team members in volunteer work.

KWCM has long been fulfilling its social responsibility and encouraging employees to support social enterprises in Hong Kong with action. Recently, it was recognized as one of the SE Supporters in the Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement 2017 organized by Fullness Social Enterprise Society as an appreciation to its effort and determination in supporting social enterprise development. One of the principles of “Tithe Ethical Consumption” is to “do one good in ten moves”, which means that we can spend 10% of our daily expenses on social enterprises. For example, in every ten cups of coffee bought, we can shift to purchase one cup in social enterprise to make consumption an ethical and meaningful act.

 A volunteer group formed by the K. Wah Staff of Huicheng and Guangyu travelled from Guangzhou to Woshui Town, Liannan County, Qingyuan City over a 4-hour trip to visit children living in the countryside. They paid a visit to a primary school in the mountain area with only 8 teachers and 61 students. In addition to giving out supplies such as school bags, sportswear and shoes, they also spent time with the children in fun games. Volunteers were followed by visits to the homes of underprivileged students after long walks via rugged hilly roads. Blankets, desk lamps and food were given out to these families, complemented by words of encouragement in casual chats with the kids.

GEG sponsored seven GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”) members, including the winners of the Final Competition and the “Outstanding Performance & Loyalty Award”, to visit various sites related to career development in Seoul, South Korea for seven days. The members visited Asia’s first Google Campus and the Seoul Global Startup Center, where they talked and shared ideas and experiences with the experts and entrepreneurs. The YAP members also visited the Samsung Innovation Museum and even became the first group to experience its recently released smartphone model. GEG hopes that the YAP members can gain a greater understanding of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship through the tour. This is the sixth year for GEG to co-organize the program with the Macau Management Association in the aim of nurturing diversified talent in Macau.

GEG participated in the One Day Volunteer activity, organized by the Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau (“AJVM”) and sponsored by the Social Welfare Bureau, for the seventh consecutive year. Over hundred elderly guests spent the morning with 50 GEG volunteers at the Banyan Tree Macau at Galaxy Macau, enjoying themselves with game booths that were prepared by the GEG volunteers. 

The games were specially designed to improve brain fitness, hand-eye coordination and balance. GEG also prepared a selection of delectable dim sum for the elderly guests to enjoy. Before the end of the event, they even performed on stage and sang classic pop songs to spread messages of positive life attitude to all.

Galaxy Entertainment Group is proud to team up with the Macao Blood Transfusion Center to host the Blood Donation Day for the ninth consecutive year. This year, Blood Donation Day was held at Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Hotel, attracting over 1,400 team members to participate. GEG senior executives also attended the event to show support and appreciation for team members and encouraged them to contribute to those in need in the community continuously. 

Recently 33 students have completed the GEG Internship Program and in order to commemorate their achievements, GEG held the 2017 first batch GEG Internship Program Appreciation Gathering. 25 of them were from the University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology, City University of Macau and Institute for Tourism Studies. Seven of them were special education students from Escola Luso-Chinesa Técnico-Profissional, and one local student from the Hotel Institute Montreux in Switzerland. They all gained first-hand professional experience at Galaxy Macau in various departments including Public Relations, Human Resources and Administration, Housekeeping, and Food and Beverage. This is the ninth year for GEG to organize the program in the hope of cultivating local talents, providing training opportunities for students to hone their strengths and broaden their horizons. 

The Macau Deaf Association (“MDA”) installed an interactive booth in the back offices of Galaxy Macau, attracted around one hundred twenty GEG team members to join. The interactive booth simulated what daily activities are like for people with hearing impairment. The MDA hopes that the simulator experience and the short film they screened will raise awareness of the daily challenges faced by people living with hearing impairment and improve social inclusion and harmony. MDA representatives also taught team members some basic sign language that they can use when serving customers with hearing impairment. GEG is proud to have been able to work closely with charitable organizations to “make a difference by making a commitment”.

The Macau Management Association (“MMA”) and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) have together organized the sixth GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”). The YAP aims to help young people create a more solid foundation for their future careers. The two activities hosted at Galaxy Macau™ recently attracted close to 100 participants.


The Galaxy Macau YAP Mystery Tour, one of the activities, was a field trip to the back offices of various leisure and entertainment facilities at Galaxy Macau to expose the participants to the working environment at an integrate resort. During the hotel tour, the group stopped at the machinery room for the renowned Fortune Diamond. The participants were briefed on its daily operation, as well as the lighting design and background music for the show.

Caring about the community, K. Wah Construction Materials (“KWCM”) gave its full support to the Skip Lunch Day 2017 organized by The Community Chest on 17 March. KWCM staff donated their lunch fees to benefit the "Services for Street Sleepers, Residents in Cage Homes and Cubicles” as a way to show their concern for the less fortunate.

K. Wah Construction Materials (“KWCM”) has taken part in the Pok Oi Cycle for Millions, the city’s largest annual charity cycling event, for seven consecutive years. The event aims at promoting cycling and green living as well as raising funds for the establishment of the largest nursing and residential care home for the elderly in Hong Kong.
With the support of their family and friends, KWCM riders successfully completed the 13km race on 5 March 2017, and had a great time enjoying the magnificent scenery of the Stonecutters Bridge, Rambler Channel and the Victoria Harbour along the way.

K. Wah Construction Materials (“KWCM”) participated at the Hong Kong Mine Challenge on 26 February 2017, the first mine-themed charitable race in Hong Kong, to raise funds for the conservation of culture and revitalization of the mine village. Playing the role as miners in the old days, KWCM staff completed various tasks in the Abandoned Ma On Shan Iron Mine and Mine Village while appreciating the natural landscape of Ma On Shan along the way.
Growing from a quarrying pioneer in 1950s into an integrated eco-friendly construction materials supplier of today, KWCM is glad to pass on the heritage of mining and contribute to revitalization.


K. Wah International and St. James' Settlement jointly organized the meaningful activity “Blue House Tour & Orange Peel Candies Workshop” on 18 February 2017. Volunteers brought over 20 primary school students to visit historic sites in Wan Chai like the Blue House, Pak Tai Temple and Wan Chai Wet Market to learn about its history and stories. Then they attended the Orange Peel Candies Workshop to learn making delicious snacks with orange peels, followed by a green lunch to the experience the green life.

To usher in the Year of the Rooster, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) organized two community activities, inviting associations from Macau Holy House of Mercy to watch the Viva La Broadway performance and organizing visits to the homes of users of General Union of Neighbors' Association of Macao (“UGAMM”)’s Peng On Tung Tele-assistance Services.

GEG invited a total of 80 elderly citizens and residents of Macau Holy House of Mercy’s Elderly Home and Center for the Blind to enjoy the show Viva la Broadway, a spectacular variety show at Broadway Macau™, where the GEG volunteer team presented them with gift bags. The elderly guests expressed admiration for the performers and thought that the show was innovative and upbeat. 


Volunteers from KWIH Social Club visited solitary elderly in Hunan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai on 28 September 2016 during Chung Yeung Festival. The activity was supported by the sub-district and its community committees. Social Club prepared sweaters, scarves and healthy food for seven senior citizens and visited the homes of two elderly who suffer from immobility. To uphold the idea of being enthusiastic in public welfare, staff from Nanjing paid a visit to the elderly centre in Qixia District on the next day. Through these initiatives, KWIH spread love and care to the elderly, fulfilled the company’s corporate social responsibilities and upheld the corporate culture of giving back to the society.

KWIH staff visited Jilin Primary School on 2 July 2016 to express care for the left-behind children. It took K. Wah volunteers a four-hour drive from Guangzhou to reach the school, which is situated in Jilin Village, Yunan County, Yunfo City in Guangdong. Upon arrival, K. Wah volunteers were divided into groups to host different class activities based on students’ level, including fun games, a handcraft workshop and a science book reading. Through these fun activities, the students not only acquired new knowledge, but also felt the love and care to them. Knowing that the school facilities were inadequate, K. Wah volunteers brought some sports items to the school.

To promote food waste reduction, KWCM Social Club organized a Food Rescue Campaign during CNY and encouraged staff to donate surplus food. Staff members actively responded to the campaign and donated 28.3kg of food to Food Angel, a food rescue and assistance program implemented by Bo Charity Foundation Limited.

Volunteers from KWIH Huicheng Staff Club and Po Ai Social Work Service paid a visit to Golden Bridge Home of the Elderly in Guangzhou on 23 April 2016. The volunteers taught senior residents the healthy “five-finger exercise” and chatted with them caringly. The place was filled with excitement. By spreading love and happiness to the elderly, the volunteers realized how blessed they were by giving than receiving.

A two-day team-building camp, the first activity of 5th GEG YAP, was co-organized by Macau Management Association and GEG at Baiteng Lake Peasant Holiday Resort in Doumen District, Zhuhai. The two-day teambuilding camp aimed to encourage local teenagers to “Reach out, Reach beyond”. Through a series of fun outdoor activities and interactive guidance by the coaches, 90 participants learnt the importance of communication and effective team leadership to achieve goals. Also, their bondage and teamwork spirit
were enhanced.

Since the 5th“GEG Youth Achievement Program” (YAP) co-organized by Macau Management Association and GEG kicked off last year, participants have been engaging in a series of activities designed to enhance leadership skills, build confidence and facilitate interaction with the community. YAP participants recently held a community service challenge day to spread love to the society. On the event day, participants gathered at the hub of Macau and invited strangers to undertake challenges, which included folding paper cranes and giving out free hugs to strangers. At first, strangers were hesitant to participate, but once a few people began to participate in the challenges, many others followed. The participants also created a banner and asked strangers to sign it in support of community care in Macau. The challenge day created opportunities for  participants to boost their self-esteem and spread love to the Macau society.

Established in April 2015, GEG Foundation advocates in giving back to the community in Macau and the Greater China Region through engaging in philanthropic activities, especially on nurturing young people in developing their positive moral and life values, and enhancing their education and career opportunities to enable them to contribute to Macau. In celebration of its first anniversary, the Foundation is delighted to launch its first two projects – “GEG Young  Entrepreneurs Business Advisory Service” in collaboration with the Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre and the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Macau, and “GEG Venture Philanthropy Fund” with the Macau New Technologies Incubation Centre.

Inspiration, Hong Kong’s first homebuilt and registered aircraft, took off on 28 August 2016 to commence the Round the World (RTW) journey after eight years of preparation and hard work, flying high with the dreams of young local talents.
K. Wah International Holdings Limited appreciates Inspiration as it manifests the spirits of Hong Kong people and K. Wah – innovation, striving spirit and teamwork. As one of the key sponsors of this meaningful initiative, we hope to inspire the younger generation to have faith and courage, and to exert their creativity and potential to strive for their dreams!

For six consecutive years, GEG has participated in the One Day Volunteering Activity organized by Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau and sponsored by Social Affairs Bureau. This year, with the theme of “Happy Grannies”, 80 GEG volunteers played games with 210 elderlies from Our Lady of Fatima Church Macau, Associação de Agricultores de Macau and Respect Senior General Association of Macao and presented them with souvenirs, spending a pleasant afternoon together at the ballroom of Macau Tower. Through this event, GEG wishes to spread love and care to the elderlies and those in need, and build a harmonious community.

GEG and Macao Blood Transfusion Center jointly held the Blood Donation Day at Oasis of Galaxy Macau™ and the Grand Ballroom of StarWorld Hotel on 14 and 18 July. This year marks the eighth consecutive year that GEG has hosted the Blood Donation Day, with a total of nearly 1,300 team members contributed to the blood bank of Macau. This year, around 130 colleagues including senior executives took part in the event. Some who did not register before were motivated by the warm atmosphere there to register on-site to become blood donors. Considering corporate social responsibility as a crucial part of sustainable development, GEG will continue to uphold the philosophy of “giving back to the society from which one has benefitted” and strive to promote a harmonious community through charitable events and donations.

GEG volunteer team visited the Anima Macau to understand its daily operation and the situation of stray animals in Macau. The GEG volunteer team not only had a lot of fun with the animals and also learned about respecting life. They hoped to promote responsible ownership and enhance the social awareness of animal protection.

Volunteers of KWIH Shanghai paid a visit to CereCare Wellness Centre, a registered NPO in Xuhui District, Shanghai, on 20 May 2016, bringing love and care to children suffering from cerebral palsy with daily necessities and a greeting card.

To raise funds for the “Services for Street Sleepers, Residents in Cage Homes and Cubicles” supported by the Community Chest, KWCM joined the Skip Lunch Day on 18 March 2016. Our staff actively pitched in their support and raised funds for the needy.

At the beginning of the Year of the Monkey, GEG invited over 100 elderies from the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau (UGAMM) to enjoy a New Year luncheon at Oasis at the Galaxy Macau™. Besides doling out New Year blessings, Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration, GEG , other GEG executives and volunteer team distributed red packets and festive gift packs to them to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year.


The Broadway Theatre at Broadway Macau™ brought a wide range of cultural and entertaining performance to local citizens and overseas tourists since its grand opening in May last year. On 6 December 2015, GEG invited the world-renowned illusionist Cyril to have his first-ever public performance in the Broadway Theatre. The audience included citizens and tourists as well as members from Macau Deaf Association and Macau Association for the Mentally Handicapped who were offered a chance to meet the illusionist up close and personal. In addition, GEG donated MOP100,000 to the two associations to support their daily operations.

In celebration of International Chefs Day, GEG partnered with Macau Culinary Association to
host a culinary activity named “Healthy Kids – Healthy Future” at Oasis, Galaxy Macau™ recently. 70 parents and their children from General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau (UGAMM) were invited to join, accompanied by 30 chefs from Macau Culinary Association, Institute for Tourism Studies, GEG and local restaurants. This cheerful activity aimed not only to promote the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, but also to foster parentchildren relationship.

The seventh Galaxy Got Talent Grand Final organized by GEG ended successfully in the Broadway Theater. Over 2,000 GEG staff members attended the event in support of the ten finalists selected from the pre-screen who competed for the best impressions of the judges and the audience. GEG also invited Macao Special Olympics “BEEz” band onstage to perform. A sum of MOP150,000 from ticket sales that night was donated to the Macao Special Olympics in support of its development.

On 28 November 2015, Huicheng and Guangyu Staff Club volunteers from K. Wah Group’s Guangzhou property project visited Woshuizhen Primary School located in Qingyuan city’s
mountainous countryside Liannan. They presented the students with gifts and stationeries and encouraged them to keep studying hard for a better future.

GEG organized many different charity and volunteering activities to advocate its compassion and respect for the elderlies. In celebration of the Christmas last year, GEG mobilized a team of 30 GEG volunteers for a caring visit to the homes of elderly users of Peng On Tung Tele-assistance Services, during which the GEG volunteers expressed warmth and presented gift packs to them.

Paddy Lui, Executive Director of the K. Wah Group and a representative of Tsim Sha Tsui East Property Developers Association Ltd, and John Tsang, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Cathy Chu, Commissioner for Tourism, Peter Lam, Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board, Ivan Yau, Deputy General Manager (Corporate Communication) of Sino Group and other representatives of Tsim Sha Tsui East hotels jointly officiated the Tsim Sha Tsui East Festive Illuminations Switch-on Ceremony on 5 November 2015.

To support the Global Month of Service in October 2015, a number of US hotels under K. Wah Group partnered with local NGOs and community bodies to organize a series of charitable activities and made contributions to serve the community and help the minorities.

About 20 volunteers comprising K. Wah staff and their friends and relatives brought festive gift packs to senior citizens in Lai Tak Chuen Estate in the “Spreading Care in Mid-Autumn Festival” jointly organized by KWIH and St. James’ Settlement on 19 September.

GEG volunteers visited Anima Macau and Abandoned Animals Protect Association of Macau in July to help tidy up the “homes” of the animals and play with them. GEG also donated 1,000 clean bed sheets to a number of abandoned animals caring associations in Macau to show care for these animals.

To support the One Day Volunteering scheme, 30 GEG volunteers visited the elderly of The House of Glory of Our Lady of Fatima Church in August and arranged transportation to take 70 of them to Taipa House of Museums to see the Macau World Heritage. The volunteers gave food packs to them and listened to their stories while strolling with them.

K. Wah Group’s hotels in the US has involved in community services enthusiastically. Hilton Santa Clara’s voluntary team has helped a non-government organization provide hot meals, clean clothing and safe shelter to homeless population. Hilton Dulls Team members also participated in a charity Run on 2 May. The 3K walk /8K run supported the abused and neglected children.  The Hilton Team scooped the championship in the group category.

GEG and KWCM has organized the Annual Blood Donation Day again this year, which was supported by 180 staffs.  Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG and the management team attended the event to support and care for the team members. In order to promote the message of “Give Blood, Save Lives”, GEG has presented souvenirs ordered from Fuhong Society of Macau to the blood donors, which made the activity even more meaningful.

On 12 April, 34 KWCM staff finished a 13km charity cycling event at Shanghai Commercial Pok Oi Cycle for Millions while enjoying breathtaking harbour views along the way. On 20 March, nearly 100 KWCM staff supported The Community Chest Skip Lunch Day by donating their lunch fee to benefit street sleepers and residents in cage homes and cubicles. 

During an elderly visit on 21 March, KWIH volunteers in Huicheng and Dongguan prepared meals and soup for solitary elderly so as to express love and care to them. In May, KWIH Shanghai initiated International Children’s Day charity campaign in which colleagues donated idle goods and made sachets and potted plants for a charity sale. Donation collected was sent to help underprivileged children during their visit to a charitable organization.

K. Wah Group’s hotels in the US reach out to the community and support making good use of resources. Recently, Hilton Santa Clara donated used bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases to a non-profit organization which helps young adults rehabilitate from drug addiction. Meanwhile, Hilton Charlotte Center City helped categorizing donated clothes for a store which opens to people in need for free.

A number of US hotels under Stanford Hotels Corporation contributed to the next generation by donating pajamas to foster children in California and organizing Jeans Friday to raise funds for homeless children in central Florida. Meanwhile, two hotels respectively attended a career fair at a local middle school and received a visit by elementary school students, enhancing their understanding of the hospitality industry. Also, hotel representatives read Dr Seuss’ books to kids to develop their interest in reading.


GEG volunteers visited the elderly using “Peng On Tung” service to send them Christmas gifts and blessings.

ICGS co-organized a Christmas chicken pie baking activity on 13 December with Hong Kong Student Aid Society for 25 underprivileged teenagers, encouraging them to demonstrate their cooking skills.

On 6 November, Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH, represented Tsim Sha Tsui East Property Developers Association Ltd, to officiate the Tsim Sha Tsui East Festive Illuminations Switch-on Ceremony. Low-income families of St. James’ Settlement were also invited to enjoy the festival.

In 2014, GEG celebrated its 10th Anniversary in operation and Galaxy Macau’s 3rd Anniversary and announced to establish a HKD 1.3 billion Charitable Foundation.  The Foundation will invite distinguished people from the society to participate in its endeavor to contribute towards the prosperity of Macau and the Mainland. Focusing on issues that require particular attention, the foundation is committed to giving back to the society through helping young people develop positive moral and life values, foster patriotism and ethnic identity, as well as enhance their understanding of the 

In recognition of the Global Week of Service, the US hotels, partnered with local NGOs and social enterprises, encouraged staff to participate in various volunteer projects and activities in October to make a difference to the local communities.

On 2 November, 29 staff of KWCM joined Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon to raise funds for high school education in China. Participants experienced the hardship faced by children in rural areas where they have to spend hours travelling to school, by taking part in the 42 km, 26 km and 12 km races respectively.

On 26 October 2014, KWIH participated in the 40th Sedan Chair Race & Bazaar at the Peak to raise funds for charities and made a difference to the Hong Kong community. Led by Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH, over 30 staff and their families from the Hong Kong and Guangzhou offices came along and cheered for the participating team. KWIH's team members also showcased their creativity through decorating the sedan chair with reference to the exterior of the iconic K. Wah Centre. Embodying the elements of "home" in their costume designs, the team echoed KWIH's reputation as a quality developer that strives to create a comfortable living environment for their customers through developing exquisite and niche properties.

KWIH raised funds for the Community Chest on 30 September 2014. Over 90 staff put on their casual clothes for work on the day.

GEG donated RMB100,000 to a primary school in a remote mountain area of Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, for renovation. To show their care and concern, GEG volunteers paid a visit to the students before the new school year began.

KWIH sponsored the Celebration Dinner organized by the Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services on 20 September 2014, in which the Honourable Leung Chun-ying, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, thanked the professional bodies for their support to the country and the city.

The Grand Final of GEG’s annual talent show contest, Galaxy Got Talent, was held on 18 September 2014. Attracting more than 800 team members to come and cheer for their colleagues, the event featured 10 finalists from various departments to compete for seven special awards. Agustin Laut from Security of StarWorld Macau won “The Sound of GEG Award”; G-Force from Housekeeping & Environmental Services of Galaxy Macau stood out with their exceptional dancing skills and won “The Move of GEG Award”; and Rextro Girls took home “The Best Showmanship Award”. The contest also raised MOP150,000 for Fuhong Society of Macau through ticket sales for the betterment of the community.

Led by Alexander O. Wassermann, General Manager of InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong (ICGS), the management of ICGS participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness of ALS disease. Thanks to the kind donation from Paddy Lui, Executive Director of KWIH, and hotel staff, a total of HK$28,000 was raised and donated to the Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association Limited.

In September 2014, GEG team members brought along moon cakes to visit 215 residents of five elderly centres. The volunteers celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with the elderly, sending them festive warmth and blessings. 

To celebrate the National Day of the PRC, GEG supported “China - In the Eyes of the Press” Photo Competition Exhibition and displayed 65 pieces of outstanding artwork from               11 to 14 September 2014 at Galaxy Macau™. The exhibition not only showcased China’s unique culture and lifestyle, but also accelerated interaction and communication among China’s media and journalists.

In celebration of the 65th National Day of the People’s Republic of China, KWIH sponsored a photo and painting exhibition outlining the development of China. The exhibition, held from 27 August to 1 September 2014 at the Exhibition Hall of Hong Kong City Hall, outlined the development of China and attracted thousands of visitors to visit.

When the Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, KWIH collaborated with St. James' Settlement and brought along moon cakes and fruits to visit the solitary elderly living in Lai Tak Tsuen.

GEG organized Blood Donation Day at Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau in August. The three-day event attracted approximately 150 enthusiastic team members of different nationalities to participate. To express its gratitude to enthusiastic members while offering support to the less privileged, GEG sent each participant a souvenir purchased from Fuhong Society of Macau.

KWCM Social Club organized Blood Donation Day on 29 July 2014, attracting positive responses from 30 staff. Many participants were regular blood donors, and have even donated blood for more than 60 times. 

KWIH cooperated with GMC Hong Kong Members Association to organize a visit to the low-income families and senior citizens in Lok Fu Estate on 13 July 2014. Twenty six staff members and their families brought along gift packs and reached out to the community in need.

In June, KWIH initiated the Home Appliances Recycling Campaign for collecting unwanted or worn-out equipment. With the assistance of St. James' Settlement, old electronic appliances were repaired and donated to families in need, while non-repairable items were dissembled into components for re-use or recycling. The meaningful activity was widely supported by the staff for it was beneficial to both the community and the environment.

When the International Children's Day was around the corner, KWIH Shanghai hosted a series of charitable events, including visits, donation and fundraising, to pass on their love to children living in remote villages and those with cerebral palsy. In mid May, stationery, books and educational kits collected from colleagues were sent to schools in remote mountainous regions in Yunnan. Unwanted items were donated for auction, raising a total of RMB24,000 for the CereCare Wellness Center for Children. The volunteers also paid a visit to the Centre and helped the children with therapy training on 30 May 2014.

Staff Social Club of GEG hosted a workshop ahead of the Dragon Boat Festival for team members to learn how to make traditional rice dumplings from the master chef of Galaxy Macau™. They also took the opportunity to make 100 rice dumplings for the elderly residents of Betania Elderly Home to deliver festive warmth and blessings to them.

KWIH collaborated with St. James’ Settlement on Mother’s Day eve to celebrate the special occasion with families in Sham Shui Po District. KWIH staff members made greeting cards with children for their beloved mothers, while parents created photo frames to keep memories of their sweet family time. The volunteers also brought carnations to the mothers and gift packs to the children. All participants then went on a guided bus tour on Hong Kong Island, spending an enjoyable weekend together.

During a visit to the Associacao dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau on 29 April 2014, GEG volunteers made cards with the members for Mother’s Day. GEG also donated MOP100,000 to enhance the Association’s services and facilities, increasing the members’ living standards.

KWCM staff cycles not only for better health, but also for a charitable cause. Twenty staff members of KWCM participated in HSBC Pok Oi Cycle for Millions on 13 April 2014. Beginning at Stonecutters Bridge, the 10km bike race provided participants with an opportunity to cycle at the world’s second longest cable-stayed bridge while enjoying breath-taking scenery along the way. KWCM won the Best Fundraising Award (Bronze) by raising more than HK$50,000.

To spread its love and care to senior citizens, GEG invited the elderly residents of Asilo de Felicidade and Lar de Idosos Ian Oi Limitada to visit Galaxy Macau on 8 April 2014, introducing a range of world-class entertainment facilities, including the Skytop Wave Pool on the Grand Resort Deck, the artificial sand beach, the East and West Promenades and the UA Galaxy Cinemas. Participants even had a chance to learn useful massage techniques at Foot Hub.

It is always K. Wah volunteers’ pleasure to bring children happy memories. KWCM and ELCHK have been joining hands for 10 years and growing with children. During a three-month organic farming activity, volunteers shared with children the joy of farming, paper-recycling and drawing. On 30 March 2014, they had a great time harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables, playing games and chit-chatting, bringing the children enjoyable memories.

KWIH was awarded the Caring Company Logo 2013/14 by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, in recognition of the company’s commitment in caring for the community, the employees and the environment over the past 12 months.

GEG donated over 200 hotel towels to Anima and Abandoned Animals Protect Association of Macau. Volunteers not only helped with the goods delivery, but also made beds for the animals and provide good company for them.

GEG volunteers offered real-life learning opportunities to over 20 students from Pou Choi Centre on 8 March 2014 and assisted them to complete a fun-filled shopping task at a local supermarket. The activity aimed to generalize practical knowledge and social skills among the participants. Before the grocery run, each student was first given a MOP300 shopping coupon, and during shopping, they were to choose different items and go through the checkout line for payment. With a little more care and patience, the volunteers helped the students to  better integrate into society.


GEG Volunteer Team paid visits to the elderly users of Peng On Tung Tele-assistance Service amid the cold weather, warming their hearts with genuine care apart from checking up on their devices.

KWIH partnered with St. James’ Settlement in organizing a visit to Cumberland Presbyterian Church Yao Dao Primary School. The participants and students spent a joyful afternoon with games and gifts.

GEG donated boxes of toys and kids’ items to two children’s residential centers, Cradle of Hope and ECF Fellowship Orphanage Inc., hoping to offer them festive fun during Christmas.

GEG organized a “Wishes Granted” Charity Tree Campaign at Galaxy Macau™ in 2013 and raised a total of MOP 300,000 for five Macau charity organizations.

To commemorate a decade of long standing collaboration between KWCM and ELCHK, KWCM organized a three-month organic farm activity under which staff members and children form 20 teams to farm, learn and spend time together.

The Blue Energy Community Relations Committee of Hilton Waikiki Hotel visited Prince Jonah Kuhio Elementary School adopted by them and presented the children with Halloween goodies. The team also participated in the festive parade for the preschool children in the community.

ICGS co-organized an art jamming event with Hong Chi Association for 21 children with intellectual disabilities, encouraging them to demonstrate creativity and improve communications skills.

A team of KWIH staff participated in MTR Race Walking 2013 and demonstrated their skills and team work.

KWCM Social Club gave support to Dress Casual Day of The Community Chest and reiterated its green concept by dressing in green.

Hilton SFO and Hilton Santa Clara Hotel donated food for the community.

Staff members from Sheraton Orlando, Sacramento Marriott and Hilton Santa Clara Hotel answered the call for charity walks against breast cancer in their communities.

KWIH supported the “Waste No Food” campaign – Leftover Collection Action organized by Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong) on 6 October, encouraging the staff to bring back unwanted or surplus packaged food and making a matching monetary donation to the campaign. All items collected were then delivered to food banks and donated to the elderly and low-income households, further promoting the message of cherishing food and making it an everyday habit.

GEG volunteer team invited more than 180 children and their parents from three charity organizations to enjoy the 3D comedy Smurf 2 at UA Galaxy Cinemas on 5 August, and had a fun time playing the booth games at the Smurf Village at East Square.

Held at Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau, the annual Blood Donation Day of GEG has received tremendous support from the charitable team members, including Francis Lui, Deputy Chairman of GEG. The participants were also given souvenirs made by the disabled from the Fuhong Society of Macau.

Staffs from Stanford Hotel Corporation showed care and concern to the community through participating in walk races. Hilton Dulles participated in an 8K/3K run/walk race for the Fairfax C.A.S.A and raise US$100,000 for supporting abused and neglected children, while Sheraton Uptown participated in the annual American Heart Association Walk to promote people’s awareness of heart protection. The Hilton Charlotte Center City team was able to raise and donate US$782 to the March of Dimes through participation in the March of Dimes March for Babies.

To promote the Bright Blue Future Initiative, Hilton Boca Raton participated in the Annual Palm Beach Hotel and Lodging Association golf tournament to benefit education and scholarship funds. Moreover, staff took part in Earth Day beach cleanup at South Beach Inlet Park to protect their homeland.

KWIH joined with St James Settlement to bring gift packs to 30 students of The ELCHK Faith Lutheran School during a joyous visit, encouraging the students to work hard in their studies.

GEG lent support to Sichuan Yaan earthquake victims by making a donation of MOP 2 million through the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR.

The GEG volunteer team hosted a Spring Luncheon Party for 120 members of six elderly and rehabilitation centres of Caritas Macau. The GEG team played games with visitors, showed off their dancing talent and distributed red packets. During the Easter holiday, the volunteer team had a great time playing games and creating Easter bunny masks together with 50 children from Caritas Macau and the Cradle of Hope Association.

KWIH staff, together with their families, participated in the Community Chest’s 2012/2013 Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions to support its Family and Child Welfare Services.

KWCM Social Club raised funds for Pok Oi Hospital by taking part in the HSBC Pok Oi Cycle for Millions. A team was also mustered for the MSF Orienteering Competition 2013 for charity. In addition, the KWCM Social Club enrolled again in Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours to raise funds for children’s education in poverty-stricken areas of Mainland China.


ICGS supported the InterContinental Responsible Business Week with activities including partnering with Giving Bread, a charity organization, to distribute home-made bread to the elderly and homeless. Meanwhile, a photo competition was also held to encourage staff and the public to better appreciate and preserve Hong Kong’s historical heritage.

KWIH and St James’ Settlement joined hands to organize Mid-Autumn Festival celebration for the singleton elderly. The volunteers warmed the hearts of the elderly who visited the Group headquarters with DIY mooncakes and classical songs.

The Hilton Santa Clara fielded volunteers from the Blue Energy Committee to set up lunch at the City Team Ministries kitchen.

The Sacramento Marriott Hotel volunteered at the Annual SHA Volunteer Day, cleaning classrooms, picking up trash, and weeding the garden for Edward Kemble Elementary School.

The Hilton Charlotte Center City has been supporting the Hospitality House of Charlotte to provide shelter to out-of-town families while loved ones are in medical crisis in local hospitals. They recently donated a refrigerator and prepared a meal for the families staying at the Hospitality House.

The Double Tree Suites by Hilton held their Annual School Supply Drive to provide various supplies for their local Elementary School, including delicious cookies.

The Hilton Woodland donated hundreds of towels, flat sheets and bed covers to Operation Blankets of Love, to keep dogs and other pets warm during the winter.


Aiming to offer the disadvantaged groups an opportunity to enjoy a unique entertainment experience, GEG invited 700 elderly people, children and their family members through a number of local charity associations to watch movies at UA Galaxy Cinemas, which was opened on 15th December.

In response to the "Toy Collection Campaign" organized by "Sheng Kung Hui Center for Gambling Counseling and Family Support Services", GEG collected more than 200 pieces of toys from the team members and donated to the centre as a warm Christmas gift to the families and children in need.

600 GEG team members participated in "Walk for a Million" to render support to local charity work.

As the title sponsor of the "2011 Macau Galaxy Entertainment FIVB World Grand Prix Finals" , GEG invited 33 members of Macau deaf Association and their family members to watch the game between Russia and Serbia.

ICGS co-organised a Christmas charity event with The Rainbow Club, one of the free services of Hong Kong Cancer Fund, for the children whose family member suffering from cancer. Hosted by the hotel’s voluntary staff, the children had great fun in creating the festive treats in the Christmas dessert cooking class and experienced a joyful festive celebration.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year, GEG organized a "Year of the Rabbit Welcoming Luncheon" for 99 seniors from the Macau Federation of Trade Union’s Vivacity Recreation Center. Held at StarWorld Hotel, the Group presented each participant a hand-woven scarf that 99 GEG members knitted.

GEG donated MOP250,000 to Macau Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society.

Earlier this year, GEG donated batches of commodities, including T-shirts, jackets and thermo cups to the Care Action Macao earlier and with the community-based efforts of the Care Action Macao, the aids were warmly delivered to the elderly homes and orphanages in Guizhou, Gansu and Guangxi.

Staff from Sheraton Uptown joined over 1,000 people in the community to participate in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk and completed their 5 mile walk against high winds to raise funds for cancer research.

Hilton Charlotte BE Caring Team once again participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies walk in April to support prevention of pre-mature births and help babies live a healthy life.
Hilton Santa Clara Blue Energy Committee volunteered for the CityTeam Ministries to prepare food for the city’s homeless population.
Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova participated in the Susan G. Komen and IAAP Rancho Cordova Chapter Fundraiser for the Annual Cancer Walk. The staff supported the preparation work by donating box lunches for the committee.

Staff members hosted the GEG Joyous Easter Celebration party at StarWorld Macau on 17 April for about 40 children from Macau’s Cradle of Hope and Fountain of Hope. The children had a fun and memorable time with cookies decoration taught by StarWorld Macau’s pastry chef, magical shows, and gifts that were made by members of Fu Hong Society of Macau.

Staff members of GEG made visits to two elderly homes Asili de Betânia and Lar de Idosos da Obra das Mãe with the representatives of the Public Prosecutions Office in April. Invited by the Macau Heart Foundation, the volunteers warmed the hearts of the elderly with healthy food and drinks, music performance and games.

KWIH has been a nine-time sponsor of the event Leader of the Year organized by Sing Tao News Corporation. Acknowledging the excellent contributions by Hong Kong elites and establishing role models for younger generation, the annual event held its presentation ceremony in March, while Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of the Group and Alexander Lui, Executive Director of KWIH were among the guests.

Echoing YMCA of Hong Kong’s idea for toys recycling, KWIH called for toys donation among its staff from February to March. KWIH’s volunteers cleaned and delivered the donation to the toy bank accounts holders, who are mainly underprivileged children, to redeem toys if they complete a stage of their personal growth plan, for example to volunteer for community service. This environmentally friendly initiative truly manifests the essence of “sharing is blessing”.

With its members’ relatives and friends, K. Wah Social Club gained sponsorship from the company to be among the walk teams in the Community Chest New Territories Walk for Millions in February. Along the 5.5 km route, the party took the first step from Pak Shek Kok Promenade to Tai Po Waterfront Park. The raised funds will be designated to support 27 social welfare agencies in providing children and youth services.


The State Council confirmed developing Hainan, the largest special economic zone and only tropical island province of China, into Hainan International Tourism Island. As one of the leading proponents of the tourism and hotel industries in Hong Kong and Macau. During the forum in 2010, Dr Lui attended the national-level Ministerial Roundtable, for which K. Wah Group was the title sponsor and delivered a keynote speech at the Real Estate and Tourism Session.

Hilton San Francisco, California conducted a Holiday Food Drive with the Second Harvest Food Bank in December to collect canned goods and non-perishable items to support the underprivileged.

Hilton Santa Clara, California organized a Toy Drive for Child Advocates in December, where toys were donated to the children of the Santa Clara County foster care system.

Marriott Gaslamp Quarter, California organized a team to participate in the Race for the Cure. It was a moving event as the staff walked side by side with cancer survivors and family members in honour of their lost loved ones.

Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown, New Mexico's Sales & Catering Team delivered a huge bear piñata to the local Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital for their holiday party. The piñata was filled with all kinds of toys for the children in the hospital to play with during the holiday season.

Hilton Charlotte Center City, North Carolina supported the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program this Christmas. The hotel adopted six children from the Charlotte area and bought them Christmas gifts to share the joy of the festive season with them.

Sacramento Marriott, California worked with Folsom Cordova Community Partnership to provide a gourmet luncheon to over 400 members in November. Further, in December the staff donated canned foods to the Rancho Cordova Food Locker to help the less fortunate community members.

GEG was the title sponsor of the GEG Macau Cup – Second Macau Cup of National Knowledge Competition for Youth held in September, with the aim of enhancing students' understanding of China.

In August, GEG gave its support to the relief work in the mudslide stricken Zhouqu of Gansu Province by donating MOP1 million to the victims through the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Macau SAR.

Co-organizing with the Hong Kong Lutheran Church, KWCM's "Mentoring the Way to the Future" programme is now in its third year. This year, KWCM organized a trip to the Noah's Ark for children from single-parent families on 21 August, with over 60 participants visiting the new landmark in Ma Wan to experience the Seven Loves of the Ark through various interactive activities.

GEG collaborated with the Macau Blood Transfusion Centre in organizing blood donation campaign in July 2010. Numerous senior management and staffs showed their keen support to maintain stable blood supply in Macau.

ICGS supported Sichuan earthquake charity work in May by offering free stay to the Liu sisters, the crying girls who survived from the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and comforted by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

Staff from Sheraton Albuquerque, New Mexico participated in the Carrie Tingley Mud Volleyball Tournament to raise fund for New Mexico's Children Hospital, and walked five miles along with 10,000 others in Making Strides Against Cancer Walk to spread the message.

Hilton Charlotte, California had its staff and family members teamed up to join the March for Babies campaign to support research programmes for the well-being of mothers and infants and prevention of premature babies.

To assist in relief and redevelopment efforts after the earthquake in Qinghai, Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group, via the Lui Che Woo Foundation, and GEG pledged a donation of MOP5 million to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR in April.

KWCM Social Club participated in the "HSBC Pok Oi Cycle for Millions 2010" in March with the aim to raise fund to support the development of Pok Oi’s social services and promote cycling as a green lifestyle.


K. Wah Group participated in charitable walks regularly and mobilized more than 60 staff members and their families to take part in the ten-kilometre 2008/2009 Hong Kong & Kowloon Walk for Millions on 11 January and making a donation of HK$100 for each participating staff and its family members.


Dr Lui Che-woo, the Group Chairman, pledged a donation of RMB360,000 to the Aaron Diamond Aids Research Center via Lui Che Woo Foundation in support of its prevention and research projects in stemming the spread of Aids in Mainland China.

Grand Waldo Casino, a City Club of GEG, showed its support in community service for the seventh time by pledging a donation of MOP200,000 to Caritas Macau and regularly organized charity activities such as lunch gatherings and fun days for the less advantaged.

In addition to supporting the living of a hearing-impaired child of Shanghai Children's Home since 2002. As regular practice, representatives from Hong Kong headquarters and K. Wah Club of Property Division in Shanghai visited the child in November and made donation for buying necessities for other children in the Home.

Stanford Hotel and Stanford Hillview Hotel supported the charity bazaar organized by the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children for the second consecutive year and donated 1,000 pieces of homemade cookies to raise funds for the Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital in advocating medical facilities for the disabled children.

The donation programmes for Sichuan Earthquake recovery projects initiated by the Group's member companies raised a proceed of about HK$320,000 that was sent to Hong Kong Government and Red Cross.

GEG donated MOP1.2 million to Macau Red Cross to fuel post-snowstorm restoration projects.

K. Wah Group made a donation of HK$3.12 million through Lui Che Woo Foundation to China Foundation for Justice and Courage, aiming at building a society of justice.

ICGS joined hands with the world-famous cook – Martin Yan to organize a charity celebrity dinner, raising HK$430,000 to assist relief work in Sichuan after the 8.0-magnitude earthquake.

GEG donated MOP3 million to help Sichuan Earthquake victims via Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Macau.

Staff of the Group participated in blood donation on a regular basis, and the foreign staff of GEG actively answered the call for donation of rhesus-negative blood types in Macau, as they are major carriers of this special blood type.

ICGS worked with non-profit making organization Cooking for Life in April, to host a 12-week series of cooking classes for children from low-income families, sharing the joy of cooking.

The Group sponsored Zonta Club New Territories' charity dinner to raise funds for under-privileged women, elderly, children and other minorities.

Following the success of a series of activities, KWCM Social Club joined hands with Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Services – Hong Kong to start a half-year corporate volunteer service programme featuring mentor-mentee partnership and English learning group, etc, in order to guide the children to foster a positive attitude towards life.

KWCM Social Club members, frequent participants in Challenging 12 Hours Walkathon of Sowers Action, joined the benevolent activity again in 2007 with an aim to raising fund for the education of children in Mainland China.

Staff of Stanford Hotel and Stanford Hillview Hotel took part in Médecins Sans Frontières ("MSF") by putting on the Day Badge to signify that they donated a day's income to support MSF's volunteering work.

KWIH Shanghai Property Division, donated a fund of RMB50,000 in Love Under the Blue Sky, a charity programme organized by Shanghai Charity Foundation.

Stanford Hotel and Stanford Hillview Hotel supported the Orbis Pin Campaign with a view to raising funds for the blind people and enhancing public awareness in eye care.

ICGS aligned with Project Hope Hong Kong to sponsor an orphan with congenital heart disease for receiving a 12-month medical treatment.

ICGS staff quickly answered the calls for donation to tsunami victims in Southeast Asia, offering immediate assistance to those in desperate need.

K. Wah Social Club members joined "Hong Kong O! Day", a fund-raising event organized by the Salvation Army, to help the needy.


Spreading its care to the elderly, KWCM Social Club paid visits to those staying at Doctor's Home for the Elderly on the Mother's Day and Father's Day, and sponsored their autumn outing as well.

KWCM Social Club participated in Yan Chai Charity Walk, a fund-raising campaign organized by Yan Chai Hospital.

Donation was made to the Guangzhou Education Fund to support the 3rd Walk for Millions in 1995.